uninterruptible power Update: Bart Routing, Power Systems Affected By Computer Issue

by:KEBO      2019-11-02
BART is in the middle of a computer problem that has caused a service outage on Saturday, with no train running as of 6: 25 a.m.m.According to transport officials.This issue was first reported by BART at 5: 50 a.m.m.Cheryl steate, a Bart spokeswoman, said.This happened overnight for the staff on the bart'sunruptible power supply in Auckland and encountered problems affecting the system's traction power supply system and the train control routing system.According to Stalter, both systems are necessary for BART to run trains safely, as traction power moves the trains, and the routing system ensures that they travel to the appropriate destination.It is expected that there will be no time to resume the service, and it is recommended that commuters seek alternative transportation routes when crewswork fixes the problem.BART advises travelers to use its travel plan at bart.The government can find transit options during system downtime.All rights reserved©Gulf City News Limited 2019Re-publication, replay or any other re-use without express written consent of Gulf City News prohibited.
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