uninterruptible power systems Power outage hits ambos

by:KEBO      2019-08-10
The Hobart-The secondary system of the headquarters communications center suffered about six partial power outages.30am.
Ambulance Tasmania chief executive Dominic Morgan said the outage was due to a problem with the center's uninterrupted power supply system, which was replaced by the manufacturer after a power outage at the beginning of last month.
An emergency call was disconnected due to the event, but reconnected in one minute and 37 seconds.
"All subsequent calls are handled in the usual way and normal business continues," Morgan said ."
\ "All remaining active consoles are running all the time.
Morgan says staff are ready to move to the back.If things get worse, set up a communications center at the tazhou Fire Department.
Call Line Identification Tracking call and automatic vehicle status is gradually restored online before 8: 00.30am.
The outage was the second since a three-hour nationwide communication outage in July 5.
The incident triggered a review of external action, and Morgan said the proposals for the investigation had been implemented.
\ "We are working on a full replacement of the UPS system to reduce the likelihood of any downtime"He said.
Tim Jacobson, state secretary of the Health and Community Services Union, said the incident was a concern and it was not until this week that the union was assured that the power outage on July was one --in-a-On behalf of events.
"There is clearly a fundamental mistake that has not been resolved," he said .".
"Obviously, they need to have some new knowledge of it.
Morgan said that since the July incident, the replacement of the fuse and circuit, as well as the installation of the extended battery pack, has completed the replacement of the uninterrupted power supply frame.
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