uninterruptible power system Mode Electrical gives reliable power to South Sudanese hospital | Video

by:KEBO      2019-08-11
A remote town in the warThanks to the volunteer efforts of the local Launceston enterprise, the devastated South Sudan now has reliable health care services.
Mode Electric owner Martin Dingemanse is invited to design, build and install a reliable selfIt provides enough power for a hospital in the remote town of Nzara in South Sudan.
Nzara hospital receives 100 patients per dayxa030,000 out-patient patients, 2000 people living with HIV and 3000 in-patient patients.
Since the power system was installedxa0The hospital has a reliable 24-Hours of electricity, let them refrigerate the blood andxa0Specialist medicinexa0And perform medical procedures day and night under adequate lighting.
"This is a real solution to save lives.Without it, yes, well, you may have medical staff, but there is no power, they are limited.
Mode Electricalxa0January to install an independent solar system in South Sudanxa0In a country that has been in civil war for 15 years, tensions have escalated.
"It was a very primitive experience of how the civil war really affected the village," dinmans said .".Beforexa0The hospital relies on diesel.xa0Generatorxa0For powerDue to the ongoing civil warxa0Diesel is a rare commodity.
"If you're trying to run a hospital and all you have is a generator and you can't buy diesel, then you can't power on," Mr dinmanther said .".
It took the model electrical Team 3 months to install a 20 feet container into a separate power station;Insulation it, inverter installation, power distribution panelxa0And 12 tons of batteryxa0Then test it before shippingThe container weighed 16 tons after it was completed.
The team had to negotiate with the United Nations to bring a container forklift from a nearby town to unload fully equipped containers.
Able to use his skills to make a difference in third world countriesxa0Ding Mantherxa0Full of passionxa0About.
"I think the words are bigger than us.It's bigger than me, bigger than us.xa0Thinkingxa0There is such a big demand outside, Ixa0I guess.xa0"I feel like I have the ability and the ability to help in some way," he said .".
Mr. Dingmans isxa0A potential project for a technical college in Uganda is now under consideration.
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