uninterruptible power supplies ltd Update: Bart Service Returns To Normal Following Systemwide Shutdown

by:KEBO      2019-11-02
BART is restoring normal service within the system because a computer failed early Saturday morning, causing the service to stop.BART reports at 10: 50 in the morning.m.Normal service was restored at all stations.It resumed its limited service shortly after 9.m.The service problem originated at 2: 45 in the morning.m.Failed with the computer network, spokesman Bart Stalter said.She said it had nothing to do with the staff working overnight in Auckland for Bart's uninterrupted power supply, which was initially thought.BART will conduct a forensic assessment to determine the cause of the network failure, Stalter said.It is expected to take a few days.BART is single-The train was tracked Saturday between enrichmond and El Cerrito del Norte station to accommodate the station work in Richmond.All rights reserved©Gulf City News Limited 2019Re-publication, replay or any other re-use without express written consent of Gulf City News prohibited.
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