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by:KEBO      2019-11-02
On Saturday morning, the train was shut down due to a computer failure and BART returned to normal service.The service problem originated at 2: 45 in the morning.m.Failed with the computer network, spokesman Bart Stalter said.She said it had nothing to do with the staff working overnight in Auckland for Bart's uninterrupted power supply, which was initially thought.The issue shut down the system for most of Saturday morning and resumed limited service shortly after 9.m.Full service by 11m.BART will conduct a forensic assessment to determine the cause of the network failure, Stalter said.It is expected to take a few days.BART is single-The train was tracked Saturday between enrichmond and El Cerrito del Norte station to accommodate the station work in Richmond.A senior at Oakland Tech is the first recipient of a $30,000 scholarship from Stephen and Isa Curry family foundation to the universityTied female students from the Bay Area.The scholarship was awarded to Wu Weiwei before the Golden State Warriors basketball match on Friday night, inspired by 9-year-Olivier Morrison wrote a letter to the Warriors on November asking why on the armor website the girl was unable to get his armor shoes of the same name.Curry responded to Riley's inquiry, vowed to solve the problem, and worked with her to launch a new sports shoe, with Lilai designing a sock lining with two girls playing basketballThe UA icon Curry 6 "we won the road of color" Manchester United announced on Friday.Riley's sock lining design includes phrases such as "fearless", "girl power", "change", "Girl hoop" and "Rock currency."The proceeds from shoe sales will fund the student's annual scholarship," he demonstrated the ability to overcome adversity, promote community change and demonstrate STEM excellence --Related research areas." Wu has a 4.Average score of 2 points, completed 300-The foundation said on Twitter, adding hours of community service as an advocate for marginalized communities, including survivors of domestic violence.Two adults and two childrenAccording to firefighters, a fire broke out early Saturday in the Portola neighborhood of San Francisco.The fire was reported before 4 in the morning.m.At about 4: 51 A.M.m.According to Jonathan Baxter, a spokesman for the San Francisco Fire Department.Most damage affects the followingFire union officials say construction houses and nearby houses are the least damaged.These displaced residents live in a nearby home, Baxter said.Inform the Red Cross to provide assistance.The Bay Area Air Quality Management Area said on Friday that due to several recent burning incidents, the area has launched an investigation into the Chevron Richmond Refinery and stepped up its review.The latest bombings took place on Wednesday, followed by February and 13.The air zones said in a press release that they were caused by power failures during heavy rains and the launch of new hydrogen plants."Six of the eight 2018 burning incidents in Chevron burned hydrogen, which was very clean .""These explosions are currently under investigation."We are closely monitoring the burning situation at the refinery and investigating every incident to ensure that public health is protected," said air district executive officer Jack Broadbent ."."Combustion is the process of burning gases, otherwise they will be released directly into the atmosphere and, according to the air zone, the purpose of burning gases is to protect the public, refiners and refining equipment.The agency said Chevron would need to submit a report detailing the cause of each accident and providing measures subject to approval by the aviation area to prevent repeated combustion.Chevron was asked to provide reports to the aviation sector within 60 days of the end of the accident.Chevron said in a social media post on Wednesday that the accident occurred after a power outage, "it is not expected to have an impact on the off-site environment or public health."Cedrick Hardman, the star defensive end of San Francisco's 49 ersin 1970, won the Super Bowl champion ring with Oakland Raiders and died on Friday night at the age of 70, announced by 49 people.Hardman in his 10 seasons (1970-79) with 49 people, appeared in 139 games.In 1980, he moved to the Raiders for the super bowling tournament that season.He also played for the Raiders in 1981 and was a player/coach for the Oakland Invaders of the American Football League.As a 49-year-old, two are Hardman.Time of choice for all Pro (1971 and 75) and ProBowl (1972 and 76.Hardman also has a acting career in the movies "candidates" (1972), "crazy Commotion" (1980) and "Family Party" (1990, there are also the TV series "The guy of Autumn" and "the police woman"."The team did not disclose the cause of death.On Saturday morning, four long-time gay, bisexual and transgender people were recognized in San Francisco as their long-standing advocacy led to the development of the city's breakthrough project for gay, bisexual and transgender elderly people.Sen, CaliforniaScott Weiner and former San Francisco Supervisor David Campos and Christine Orger, as well as Bill Ambron, chair of the LGBT Aging policy task force, about 100 of the city's LGBT centres"While there is more work to be done, city officials are impressed by their commitment to implementing the proposed task," Ambrunn said in a press release from the San Francisco Human Services Agency.Five years ago, a task force was set up in three countries.Supervisors recommend 13 actions to help LGBTQ residents in the community achieve age growth.Since then, most of the proposals have been adopted, including the creation of a new care navigation and isolation prevention program to help clients access social services.The task force was created by Vina, Campos and Olgu, who were both supervisors of San Francisco at the time.Since then, Weiner has become a state senator.The number of residents identified by the city's Department of Adult and aging services as gay, bisexual and transgender has soared 71% over the past four years to 2,039.Delegates linked the increased services to those developed as recommended in the report.All rights reserved©Gulf City News Limited 2019Re-publication, replay or any other re-use without express written consent of Gulf City News prohibited.
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