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by:KEBO      2019-11-02
When the lights go out-When the weather gets warmer, they may ---What do video game players do?Go low-tech.Scrabble and BBK games can work without the need for uninterrupted power supply, rolling real dice and picking up real game pieces can give the mouse a breakclicking.Here are some ways to rediscover board games with the help of the web.Hunting game: Go to Board Game Geek if you are looking for a new game (www.boardgamegeek.Com), a comprehensive collection of board game news and comments.Game session reports contributed by site readers are particularly helpful: they often point out design weaknesses or errors in the instructions.The game report is online (www.gamereport.Com) provides news, comments and lively message boards.JustGoPlay.Com is an emerging site that offers a small number of wellsWritten comments with policy tips.Board Game Center (www.Boardgamecentral.Com) and its sister website, Solitaire Central (www.The center of loneliness.Com and House of Cards (www.House of Cards.Com) is a useful portal with links to rules and variants of the game, downloadable shared software, and places to buy games and books.Game time: if you want to try a game now, check out these free online games.They don't need to install (just a Java-The browser is enabled in most cases) and there are no ads.6nimmt!(thomas.rosanski.De/free game/month who is the cow head King.Asp): Play this simple, addictive German card game on your computer (called Take 6 in this country ).Abalone (www.clickhere.Nl/abalone): push down the marbles of your computer opponent from the hexagon board.Option: (saftsack.fs.uni-bayreuth.De /~ Carador/select ).A brain-Destroyed dice game by a player invented by game genius Sid Sackson.Mahjongg ( This is not a real mahjong, but an attractive version --player tile-Match the puzzle.Tantrix (www.tantrix.Com): a domino game using hexagon tiles with colored paths.Players try to form a long cycle.Jigsaw puzzles can be played alone;The game is for another online player.Buy happy: most toy stores don't have the best board games.Instead, try a specialty store like Gamescape.gamescape.Play in San Francisco, Palo Alto and San Rafael, or Berkeley.On the Internet, www.Funagain.Com carries a lot of hardto-Look for international matches (best from Germany) as well as domestic champions.It also provides easy archiving of customer reviews and the top 100 listings of gaming magazines of the year.More familiesFacing is your game.Com claims to be the biggest game and puzzle store on Earth.Although the site does have the product of ravenergger, the choice is mainly domestic.Living human: the Bay area is full of people who are passionate about the game.Find them here: on May 5, fans will gather in Los Altos to play strategy board games, war games and collectible card games on the Bay Area Game Day XVI.Activities that usually attract 50 to 75 people start at 11 p.m.Los Altos Public Library, 13San Antonio RoadThe cost is $1.For more information, please visit /~ Davekohr/gamesday.Players Enter Fantasy charactersGames like Warhammer will flock to the KublaCon games conference.kublacon.Com), by Hilton Auckland, May 25.Don't expect to find a spelling player.-This is the crowd of dragons and dungeons.Really serious play?World Board Games Championshipboardgamers.Held in Baltimore from June 26-7.Local online game clubs include the San Francisco go club.sfgoclub.Com) BBK by the Gulf of the Sea ( a list of spell clubs in the Bay Area, please visit USA/Russia.You may be good at word games if you can type.Fresh ideas: the National Youth Game Inventor Contest is looking for original board games created by children between the ages of 5 and 12.The winner received $10,000 in savings bonds, a trip to San Francisco, and the opportunity to receive the winning work released by the San Francisco corporate university games, which created the annual competition in 1993.The content submitted must be a complete game, including rules and gameplay.The deadline is June 30 and the winners will be announced by the end of October.The organizers encourage teachers to make game projects.Last year's competition brought 1,000 entries.The winning game is played by 9-year-Old Lindsay Berstein in North KingstonI.For more information, please visit www.University Gamescom.
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