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by:KEBO      2019-10-17

In your distance relationship

The experience of separation after being together is one of the most difficult periods in long distance relationships.

\ "What happened to me?Why would I do this?\".

(Protest, frustration and separation ).

The one you love is leaving.
It's like some trigger inside of you that says your loved one is leaving and you start the first phase of the protest.
You fight the separation as best you can.
You feel bad, you cry beyond your control, some people get angry because of "life" or even because of their lover, some people will hug and kiss each other like you never see each other again.

Ignore the last call to leave until you finally realize that your loved one really has to leave.Have you done it?I did!

Separated again.
Now is the second emotional stage of separation, depression.

all time.
This stage of depression and loneliness can only last for a few minutes, but in most cases it will last for a few days.
The last stage, the detachment.

Depression won't bring back your beloved, dear.

Again and again!
So now you understand, "What's your problem?

Can't you do anything about it?
No, no, no, keep reading and I'll show you my advice.

These three stages have been eliminated.

So you can make the experience more "soft ".
But do you want to know something very interesting?

Every time we separate again, we have an emotional phase of separation.

The puppy also "feels" like us ".
According to the doctor

Surprisingly similar to the response in many LDRs.

The puppy began to protest from the kennel.
Sometimes it's hours or even days in the kennel.

were depressed.
They retired from other dogs.

Showing depression, and then developing some emotional distance, seems to represent the usual response of the Cubs to separation.
Because these reactions occur early in the life of the Cubs, there is good reason to believe that the order of emotions can even be programmed to help them survive.

In many mammals, reflex is almost automatically protected.

We are unlikely to escape altogether.More likely, emotional reactions remain, but we have learned to change the behavior they evoke.


When you go through separation again and again, there is nothing to eliminate these three stages.The only thing you can do is to be aware of their presence, understand each stage and take action so that you can make the experience more "soft ".

The experience of separation again and again.

Avoid being alone and crying all the time.
pleasure.How happy your love and love is.
Never separate.
Like going to the airport, stay together for as long as possible, then either say goodbye at home, get your loved one to take a taxi to the airport, or take your loved one at the airport, but say goodbye in the car.

-Vent your emotions, cry, scream.Allow yourself to be "frustrated" (but not long!), But please don't let yourself suffer.

-Go to work, go to the gym, set goals such as fitness, stay active.Make you laugh when you go to a comedy movie!
-Don't pay attention to how long your loved one will leave.
In fact, you are not really alone, but separated by space.

Don't break away from the one you love.Maintain close communication with your loved ones.Now, we are lucky to have all the technology that makes it so easy to keep in touch, like phone calls, text messages, emails, faxes, webcams, etc.
Obstacles are seen as opportunities for growth.
Dear Lover, face your feelings, understand them and learn to live with them.
I know it's easier to speak than to speak, because for me one of the most difficult things about long distance relationships is the emotional stage of this separation.

There will be no more time to disappear.
The same thing will happen to you.
Be strong, you're not alone!!!
Don't measure distance, measure love, Maria Madeira.

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