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by:KEBO      2019-10-17
Good news: the ban on Mahuang has been lifted.On April 2005, a federal judge overturned the fda's ban on all 10 mg daily-administered products.The ban on products with higher content still exists.
Bad news: All the big manufacturers of products such as Xenadrine, stacker2 and Metabolife 356 went bankrupt.Lawyers and the media have prevented them from bringing these wonderful products to market.Even if they did not enter bankruptcy court, Hydroxycut would not come back with ephedra.
There is a difference between Ma base and synthetic Ma base.The alkali is only one of the natural biological alkali in the extract of the yellow.Other bioalkali classes include the pseudo-Mahuang alkali class (which has a lower effect than the Mahuang alkali class) and the bio-alkali class, which slow down the absorption of Mahuang alkali from the digestive tract and/or offset the extractHowever, synthetic equinoids used in many common cold medicines are not a natural substance.On the labels of these cold products, it is easy to identify synthetic equinoids as "equinoids Hydrochloride ".
The standard extract is generally contained in the Chinese herbal medicine, which contains 6 ~ 8% of the bioalkali components of Mahuang.Manufacturers are required by law to declare the content of equedine in each service.Most of the products of Mahuang contain natural Mahuang alkali biological alkali substances.Industry standards and some national laws prohibit the use of synthetic equinoids in the products of dietary supplements.

Researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center tested a commercial caffeine and ephedine product in three stages.The first phase tested the efficacy of the product in improving metabolic rates compared to placebo.The second stage is doubleblind, placebo-Randomized controlled by 12-A one-week trial to test the safety and efficacy of herbal caffeine and ephedrophine products.Phase 3 observed the safety and weight loss of all participants within six months.
About 40 overweight men and women completed three stages of the study.Subjects who completed phase 3 received an additional three giftsMonthly supply of herbal dietary supplement products for home use.
Subjects taking caffeine and equedine drugs were significantly higher in resting metabolic rate and significantly reduced in weight than those taking placebo (7.7 pounds to 176 pounds).There was no significant difference between the two groups in blood pressure, total cholesterol, high-density cholesterol, low-density cholesterol or triacid ganfat.
The caffeine and Mahuang groups lost more fat than the placebo group (7.9% to 19 percent).At the end of the treatment, there were no serious adverse reactions and there was no evidence of toxicity to physical examination, urine test or blood test.
Experts who have looked at all available history and clinical data agree: you can safely purchase the Mahuang product and you must stick to the scope of service and follow the warnings and precautions taken by the industry.
So where can you buy something to do with Mahuang?
Compare metabadine (www.metabadrine.Com) to old Xenadrine RFA-1 with ephedra.
Please note: This product contains caffeine and salicin (the predecessor of aspirin) and people who wish to eliminate these ingredients from their diet should not take it.For best results, use as part of the reductionFat diet or low carb diet and exercise program.
The metabolic spirit of Mahuang.
Now has lifted the ban of Mahuang, medlar and so on.Com, your source of premium supplements, is the first person to bring you the pills of the Mahuang supplement.This is the original formula.The product is sold nationwide as a generic version of the original Xenadrine.

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