the best surge protector Best antivirus software for 2005 / Viruses and worms just keep getting smarter and more devious.

by:KEBO      2019-11-10
Trend Micro PC-Network security 2005, anti-virus software.Trend Micro PC-Network security 2005, anti-virus software.Viruses and worms are getting smarter and more cunning.While the best defense is not open ElectronicsMail attachments, you also need a solid antivirus program.Most people think of Norton when they think of antivirus programs, but it's not the only option and it's not necessarily the best.Here are our views on the top four antivirus products in the market..Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet security 2005 edit score: 8.Three points: Fast speed;Including firewall, spywareand spam-blocking tools.Bad: no automatic scan after installation.Price: $45 Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security 2005 is the best Internet protection package on the market.It includes the first one.Anti-virus, firewall, spam-and spyware-There are many additional security features.PC-Cillin's virus scanning program is fast, with no excessive system resource consumption and orderly interface.It also offers free phone support.PC-Cillin Internet security 2005 is an excellent value and it's easy to win the choice of our Cnet editors.Read the full revieweditors rating: 7.Eight out of ten: Fight against spyware and spam;Parental control function.Bad: no online chat or phone support;expensive.Price: $80 F-Security Internet security 2005 is Mercedes-Benz-The Mercedes-Benz of the Internet security program provides the firstScore tools in the wellIntegrated package.It is equipped with many new security tools, including spyware.and spam-For parents who are worried about their child's ability to use the Internet and block offensive web content.Its anti-virus engine effectively prevents virus intruders without consuming system resources.On the other hand, the package is expensive and we would like to see better technical support including phone calls and online chat for the extra money.Read the full revieweditors rating: 7.10 good: clean, organized interface;Inbound/outbound Electronicsmail scanning.Bad: no firewall;no real-Scan time for spywareTelephone support fee.Price: $40 improved customer support and spyware detection again makes McAfee VirusScan a contender, but new users should choose a package that combines antivirus with firewall.The latest version is better in detecting and removing troublesome spyware programs, and faster in scanning outbound emailsThe Mail attachment and the excellent McAfee Security Center interface is retained.VirusScan 9.0 firewall is missing, Port is not included-Technology to stop hacking threats.The current user should be upgraded, but users who do not use McAfee should look elsewhere.Read the full revieweditors rating: 7.Seven out of ten: prevent the invasion of worms;Some faster scans;Interface improvement.Bad: no firewall;real-Time spy is not looking for spyware.Price: $50 Norton adds worm protection to Norton AntiVirus 2005, but in terms of price, the company should add a full firewall.It is long in reliability but short in sizzle.Norton's advantages remain.Designed interface and impressive virusBlocking performance.The new quick scan tool is a welcome addition that will automatically search for viruses after an update.We're not so excited about this.The touted worm blockerCurrent Norton users should upgrade as the cost of the upgrade is only $5 more than Symantec's annual subscriptionrenewal fee.
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