surge suppressor Vacuum Circuit Breakers Advantages Disadvantages

by:KEBO      2019-10-21
Vacuum circuit breakers are used for switching purposes in high voltage (HV) applications.The vacuum circuit breaker is more efficient, smaller in size and lower in cost.It is comparable to sf_6 circuit breakers in power systems widely used in high voltage switching applications.The service life of the vacuum circuit breaker is much larger than that of the traditional circuit breaker and almost no maintenance is required.Vacuum circuit breakers are ideal for most jobs encountered in typical power utilities and industrial applications.
Each medium with a pressure below atmospheric pressure, that is, 760mm of mercury is called a "vacuum ".Low pressure is measured with torr (1mm of 1 torr = Hg.
Torr is considered a high vacuum.This high vacuum condition provides high dielectric strength for arc extinguishing.

Highest insulation strength-Compared to the various other insulating media used in the circuit breaker vacuum, vacuum is a superior dielectric medium.

The vacuum circuit breaker does not need to be filled with any gas or oil.

Current interruption occurs at the first current zero point after contact separation, no re-

The circuit breaker unit is compact and independent.

These circuit breakers are widely used and have economic advantages due to the above reasons.

The vacuum circuit breaker is not economical above 36 kV, and the sf_6 circuit breaker with equivalent characteristic is economical.

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