surge suppressor From a child's perspective, what they seem to hear.....

by:KEBO      2019-10-20
Could it be?
When you see a child, no matter what age, they are small, naive, with big sad eyes and cute little button nose, right?
Maybe we were wrong!Maybe the child is actually an alien sent from another planet to invade the Earth, making all the adults in the world crazy so they can come and take over our planet.How you ask?Teach children the language of adults by mistake.Don't you believe me?Well, let's look at things the way the kids seem to see them, and we'll compare them.
Of course, kids are not real aliens, right?Maybe they just look at the world in a new way of thinking and understand things differently...

--This problem has plagued mankind for generations.We told the kids to go to bed, but somehow, it sounds like we told them to go to your room or play in any room you want until I get angry, then you can go to your room and play ,.I tried to use this method once or twice against my own children with reverse mentality, but telling them to go to their room to play only causes them to go to their room to play.Sometimes you can't win.

--This must mean the sound is getting bigger and I can't hear you because they get bigger every moment before you think they have to tear down the house.

--Please explain your reasons as they have to announce loudly now that they just want to tell you (whatever they want to tell you) for the next hour and a half, you still try to tell them to stop talking.

--A nice one here.This can only mean that you can touch everything you want, but be sure to break it when you finish the task because that's exactly what they do.But first, they have to get closer and closer, and then wait until you stop paying attention to them.Well, it's every fragile item of its own.

--We eat three times a day and have snacks-between meals.For most young children, it should be enough time to learn the meaning of the word "eat.However, will they do this when you ask them to sit down at the table and tell them to eat?No, they play with everything on the table until the food is cold so they can complain that it is no longer good.I tried to fix this by heating it in the microwave, but it was too hot later.So they had to wait for it to get cold and then it was too cold...I think you got it.
Yes, they can do almost anything you say.

--Be sure to push everything under the bed and in the closet so you can see the floor.

--What I say must not be heard.

--It must be our game.

--Be sure to throw your coat anywhere, especially in the middle of the room.

--It must mean picking up toys and putting them in different places.
Get dressed--It must be streaking at home, screaming that you don't know what to wear, so that you, as a loving parent, will go and pick something for them, especially if you are in a hurry.

--Be sure to put them on your bed until it's time to sleep and push them to the floor.

--It must mean getting muddy as much as possible, and then walking along as much as possible with your muddy shoes to test the wax work on my floor.
The most frustrating part of the whole mess is that the kids actually think what they're doing is right.What did I tell you?Alien.......hmmmmmmm?

This means waiting until the animals starve to death before remembering that their food bowls are empty.(Not really because they usually get a bowl of food from the adults who make the request, right?) I have animals when I grow up and I don't have that much trouble taking care of them.Ah, but I don't have the text messages and TV time to be interrupted.I was wondering if it would be more of a chore if I did that?
But I'm not an alien from another planet.Or was I?We're all aliens. we just haven't figured it out yet?Are we ready to attack each other to control the earth?Wait, what?!?No, it's impossible!Or could it?(Dun dun da!
OK, let's not stay on alien stuff for too long, and if you're a parent, there's something else here that you might be aware.

--This just means loneliness, so keep bothering me before I stop doing what I'm doing, because when I tell my kids I don't want to be bothered, this is the first and only thing they do.I like how they get close to the door and argue loudly who should be careful to open the door and whisper "Mom?" loudly ?"?

--I stopped buying new carpets because even if I told them they couldn't bring drinks from the kitchen, they still managed to put about half on my carpet and the other half on my couch;For the most part, they will refill the glass and pour half on my kitchen floor.Now that the rest of the money is not enough for a week, they are angry because they have to drink water before I get my salary.

--Homework!I used to think that the teacher did homework for the children to help them practice their homework at home.Of course, I know it's just a trick to torture parents every night.Because I will tell my kids to do their homework unless I stand in front of them with a whip (not really) and they consider doing homework for about an hour or so and then complain, because it's time to go to bed, their homework is not finished yet.
I'm still thinking about aliens even though I try not to think, but that's just me.

--It must mean putting your hands and face on the animal's face, because when you do, they absolutely love it.How often do you go to a zoo or reserve and repeatedly tell the children to stay away from the animals?How often do you have to repeat this warning?

--My electricity bill is a bit low this month, so make sure everything in the house is on before you go out and play.I'm sure you haven't had such a problem, have you?Everyone turned everything off and your bill was too low and you were almost paid by the power company, right?I did find help with surge suppression.I plugged everything into a bunch of surge suppression devices.Like all TV and gaming systems, at the end of the day, the supressor is clicked off.Same with the microwave-Who needs a power-hungry clock when the battery on the wall is powered.Try it.Oh, don't tell the children.They might hear something like "go get the surge suppressor" and then you'll scramble to get them all back ---Maybe under the pile of clean clothes on the floor.
Can you believe all this?I can. I 've been there. there's more here now.

--I miss the outside very much and I really hope you open the door a lot so I can see and feel it.This goes with closing the refrigerator door.I find myself repeating these two phrases frequently in my daily life.I hope we have automatic doors.

--It must be slow. I can't keep up with you.When you are in a hurry, you need them to go out quickly and get on the bus, how frustrating it is that they seem to run in three slow mode.I hope that at such times we can use the remote control to drive at high speed at once, you know.

--Must be "standing" or "running around ".I think there may also be a bit of a "please shout" hint somewhere as this usually happens at this time.Don't try reverse psychology on this issue because all you get is an interesting look and then more noise.

--It must mean that on your way there, I can't travel, please be close.I don't even know what to add to this.I mean, when the kids do their best to make you trip them, you try not to trip your own kids.I will never understand the way they think.-aliens?

--In any case, it must mean absolutely!I know it's alien work, because how can a child who has been taught from birth that "no" means "no" suddenly believe, when you say "no" it can only mean "yes "?
And, it seems that this is not enough...
If the example above does not convince you, then remember: "When you teach your child to be right and wrong and how to do things, when they become teenagers and/or go out on their own, you will completely forget these things ".This is a well-The well-known facts, especially when you consider how many calls you receive, ask "should I put water in the pan before the water is boiling ?"?"And" Can you wash my clothes this week (third week in a row? "Because I forgot how to wash ".Don't forget this: "Can I go home for dinner?Forgot to buy groceries this week!
No, I'm not really saying the kid is an alien......
Well, I was joking when I said that the children came from a strange world and came here to take over our world, or that the aliens taught our children the wrong language.But sometimes it does look like this, doesn't it?
I know there are a lot of parents out there giggling and thinking, "Yes, that's what they do," and I'm sure I missed some of the things that other parents went through, so, leave me some ideas that you can think of, maybe we can write another center together, how about that?
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