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by:KEBO      2019-10-04
When the grid current suddenly increases, there will be a surge in your home.Like a broken dam, this sudden influx of current exposes unprotected equipment to a damaged voltage.It can overheat the motor, burn out the lights and damage the electronic components.
Lightning strikes generate a lot of current.Although the equipment in the grid has some protection from lightning strikes, it still causes power surges.Lightning also produces secondary effects such as hitting the transformer and then the transformer fails.If you see a storm coming, turn off the sensitive equipment until the storm passes.
When a large area is powered off, the current in the power cord becomes zero.When the power is restored, the line experiences a surge in the current.This surge will damage electrical and electronic equipment.Fortunately, this surge is predictable and manageable.Like an electric storm, you can prevent damage by turning off lights, appliances and computers during a power outage.Wait a few minutes for the current to stabilize when the utility recovers power, and then you can turn the device back on.
Large industrial equipment consumes a lot of power when it is first turned on, causing the current of the neighbor to drop briefly.When it turns off, it causes a surge in current.While this rarely causes problems that are enough to damage most appliances, it can cause problems with sensitive electronics over time.
Modern power grid is a complex network composed of power distribution equipment and power plants.If there is a high demand for electricity in a community, utilities may decide to replace more power plants.Switching action can surge the line voltage.Problems with distribution equipment, such as overheating of Transformers and broken wires, will also cause surge.While surge protectors can prevent significant damage to sensitive equipment, this surge is unpredictable.
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