surge protector strip Saving Electricity Tips

by:KEBO      2019-11-11
Energy conservation is critical to the sustainable management of the planet.With the rising cost of oil and other fuels and the development of cheap green technologies lagging behind, saving electricity can also save consumers a lot of money.You can do things big and small to reduce your power and environmental costs without moving to a cabin in the woods or leaving the grid.Mike building or dorm, it's just a matter of degree.A 20-The amount of light produced by watt compact fluorescent bulbs and 75-Incandescent lamps in Watt.By replacing the bulb, not only do you use less energy, but the CFLs produce less heat and the bulb has a longer life ---At most seven times the incandescent lamp.Use daylight for work and reading as much as possible.If you need lights, turn them off when you leave the room.Almost all devices that charge the battery;With continuous display, such as lights-emitting diode;Use external power supply;According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, or continuous power supply via remote control (see reference 5 ).Plug all chargers, TVs and computers into the power strip.Then, when you don't use electronics or they are fully charged, you can turn off the entire band with a single click (see ref 1 ).Power strips with surge protectors can also save expensive equipment from sudden power surges.In 2005, heating and cooling accounted for 52% of the average energy consumption in the United States.S.According to U. S. dataS.Energy Information Administration (see reference 2 ).Programmable thermostats can reduce energy saving in winter by keeping the temperature below tropical temperatures by several degrees.Wear that lovely sweater indoors.The ceiling fan makes your place look like Rick in the movie Casablanca and also makes it cold.Ceiling fans make the air flow throughout the room, creating a chill factor, making the temperature look lower than it was.According to US media reportsS.Doe, when you use a ceiling fan, you can increase the thermostat on a central air conditioner or a room air conditioner by 4 degrees.Clothes dryers are energy pigs.According to the facilities service of Brandeis University, in 2011, the dryer used more electricity in 45 minutes of drying than the dormitory used all day (see reference 1 ).Considering the equipment-The nature of the dormitory room is very strong, and these dry and fluffy towels add up.Each time you use the lint trap of the dryer, save power by cleaning the lint, so that it runs more efficiently and dries clothes faster.Buy a clothesline and a bag of clotheslineWashing clothes--Very cheap, lowThere is no technology and any power consumption, so you can take green action and save some green for your wallet.
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