surge protector short cord Still burning at 107

by:KEBO      2019-11-07
Five years after he retiredFireman Tom Brammer still likes to visit the first stop.For the sake of the old days, whistling in surprise at all the changes --Strange face and smooth hightech engines.But one thing is exactly the same, and this is what Brammer missed most in his fire-fighting career.This sturdy little thing hangs on the ceiling of the fire station engine compartment and gives off a familiar faint orange glow.He called it long-Livermore's living light bulbThis is actually understatement.In 107, low.The Watt miracle made of curlicue carbon fiber is considered by Guinness World Records and Ripley to be the longest-burning bulb on Earth.As a symbol of America's reliability and ingenuity, it was praised by senators and the president.It has a long history of society and a webcam that allows curious fans to view it 24 hours a day.You see, the Livermore light bulb has never been turned off and many people suspect it's a secret of its longevity.Black fabric ends hanging 18 feet above the floor --Covered wire, small light with thin wire, width No.The pencil is not protected by any lampshade.Firefighters won't even dust it.A captain joked, "your fingers have been cut off."They protect their lights with surge protectors and have a diesel generator and a battery for backup.For them, the light bulb is their eternal incarnation.on-duty ethic.For years, Brammer has been widely known around Livermore.As the keeper of the light bulb, the Pleasanton Fire Department is responsible for answering public inquiries and visitors.Over time, he became boyish curious about its craft and vitality.From the vantage point just below the bulb, Brammer says, its filaments even spell the word "on.The lightbulb in Livermore has been burning for nearly 1 million hours.Even now, in its old age, Brammer will compare it to the fluorescence, halogen or high of any new eraPressure Sodium bulb outsideThe former deputy director said: "The light bulb is earlier than the birth of the atomic bomb and the car ." Although the car actually has a large bulb in Belgium."I thought it would definitely go out 35 years ago, but it fooled me.It fooled everyone.There are many theories about the life of the bulb, says Brammer."Most people just think it's a monster of engineering," he said ."."But I believe the bulb has survived for so many years because the manufacturer gave it a perfect seal, so there is no air inside the bulb to help break down the carbon silk.This bulb works in a vacuum and does not heat up.This is the secret."In 1901, when the small bulb was first screwed to a place called a hose trolley, it lit up the light in a simpler era.At that time, MaDrive the water to the fire.The light bulb burns day and night, hanging from the line of sight level for a month-foot cord.Its job is to break the darkness so that firefighters who respond to the call do not have to fumble for the wick that lights the kerosene lamps.Manufactured by Shelby ElectricIn Shelby, Ohio, the light bulb soon overtook the manufacturer that closed in 1914.Later, at the main fire station, when the horse was replaced by gas, it lit up more modern rigsfed engines.It does not always receive children.Glove handling.Firefighters who came back from World War II and South Korea climbed up their engines and often brought good luck to the bulbs.Next generation-Vietnam veterans and young childrenAs the goal of Nerf basketball practice.On 1972, a local reporter checked the records and interviewed them.A timer that tracks its history.The firefighters suddenly realized that they had a treasure."The good-"The Luck beat and the target practice stopped," recalls Bramell ."."We thought, 'Wow, maybe we should take care of this light bulb."Light bulbs appear in the book" along the road with Charles Korla "."In an age when gadgets will ever collapse, burn or break, take a day to see a dusty 71-year-"The old light bulb is on all the time," the news reporter wrote ."."We would recommend you if you need a guarantee at Livermore."Thousands of people took his advice and went to the East Bay community to see the light bulb and signed it on the guest manual."Beats Vegas!" wrote one.Another: "How many firefighters do Livermore need to change the bulb?No, it never needs to change."Brammer heard from ministers and residents who were raving about the enduring reliability of the bulb, saying they made it a touchstone for new friends: those who "get" the meaning of the light show the wisdom and good judgment of lasting connection."This fragile thing that should not last has surpassed the company that made it, the person who screwed it up for the first time, the person who wrote it and kept an eye on it, edward Meyer, vice president of entertainment exhibitions and archives at ripbury, said.They got the bulb right."Several times, the last time a few years ago, Ripley offered to buy a light bulb.The answer to this city is no.Brainer: "Fat opportunity."On July 1976, Livermore held the collective breath while moving the light bulb from the Old Fire Department headquarters to Station No.6.Police escort-The siren sounded and the lights flashed.The most intense is the city electrician, facing the delicate task of actually handling the light bulb.During the trip, Brammer said, he built a wooden blister box lined with cotton.They moved the bulbs, sockets, and everything and cut the wire to 4 feet.At the new location, dozens of people watched and the electrician contacted and prayed.Nothing happened."There was a respite," said Brammer .""People say, 'What the hell have we done?Then the electrician shook the switch and the light bulb lit up.It has been maintained since then."In general, the bulb went off for 22 minutes --Ripley's people say March will not last for a short period of time --use record.There are skeptics who question its pedigree and wait patiently for competitors whose lights are flashing and dying.For example, Bud Kennedy, Star columnist for Fort Worth (Texas)Telegram.Before Livermore's lights were recorded, the Texas light bulb known as the Palace Theater light was considered the oldest in the world.It even received an annual birthday greeting from radio host Paul Harvey.And then Livermore and "smart --In a 2001 column, Kennedy wrote: "The reporter went and destroyed something.So the residents of Fort Worth watched and waited.As one resident said, prepare to shout "yee-hah!"When the lamp of Livermore is dark."As far as I'm concerned, Livermore's bulb brain can turn on the Centennial lights directly...Kennedy wrote."Wait.They're already in California."Kennedy visited the light bulb last year and planned to" kick the wall and see if I can shake it out of the socket."But, softened him in front of it."People there think that the light bulb is a kind of pride and a symbol of firefighters everywhere," he said ."."Who can refute it?"When the light bulb became 100 in 2001, Livermore officials held a birthday party that attracted 600 celebrators, many of whom --of-the-century attire.Now they are looking forward to the 200 th birthday party."You want to turn on the lights," said new light bulb keeper and Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Zole Farley ."."As long as it's not on your watch.No one wants to get on board when this happens.
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