surge protector short cord DIY Invisible Fence Questions

by:KEBO      2019-11-06
The underground pet fence is a simple system consisting of boundaries formed by embedding.The transmitter transmits an electrical signal through a wire, which causes the collar to emit a sound signal and a slight electric shock when a unit on the pet collar is close to the boundary, preventing the pet from crossing the boundary.These systems are relatively easy to install,it-Installers often have questions about the functionality and security of the system.The launch chassis should be installed in an indoor location where it can be protected from weather, moisture and freezing temperatures.The transmitter needs access to the power supply, so the best installation position is close to the correct power outlet to be grounded.Because the underground wires of the system will be connected directly to the transmitter, the location on the exterior wall is ideal for easy access to the yard;Garage, crawl space and garden shed are common transmitter locations.The transmitter is sensitive to electrical interference and therefore should not be installed near the electrical appliance that produces an electric field.In order to effectively transmit the signal to the collar unit, the buried wire of the system must be close to the surface of the lawn.In most cases, the wires should be buried in ditches 1 to 3 inch deep;Burying the wire in this depth allows the signal to be fully transmitted while protecting the wire from damage to the mower and other activities on the lawn.Some fence systems have surge protectors installed on the transmitter, on external wires, or both to prevent damage to the system by lightning strikes or surges.It is essential that, according to the manufacturer's instructions, the transmitter must be grounded to reduce the risk of system damage or electric shock in the event of lightning strikes, surge, short circuit or other electrical failure.When a wire has to go through a pavement such as a sidewalk or driveway, it has to run under the sidewalk or through a trench that cuts into the sidewalk.Digging a trench on a sidewalk is an easier solution;a half-inch-Deep trough cut with masonryblade-The round saw is usually enough to hide the wires.After laying the wire in the groove, the groove can be filled with concrete sealant.The system requires a power supply to work properly, so a power outage can result in a loss of functionality.Some systems can be equipped with optional batteries-Power auxiliary power supply, allowing the system to continue working when the home power supply fails.
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