surge protector receptacle how to hide valuables from burglars -

by:KEBO      2019-07-04
It is difficult to find an unusual place at home to hide small valuables.A typical home with four walls, floors and ceilings doesn't have much choice.You can usually only hide things in a mattress, drawer, closet and locked safe, which is the first place the thief sees.
Similar to the concept of the green snake on the grass, you walk directly without seeing it, which is a "diversion safe ".Unlike the locked metal safe, the guide safe is a common household item with built-inIn the hidden compartmentThey appear in the form of flowerpots, bottles, surge protectors, jars, wall sockets, books, etc.Most thieves stayed at the victim's house for less than 6 minutes and only checked valuables in the most obvious places.
These unique safes allow you to hide your valuables in the last few places the thief wants to go.So, if you want to hide something from the thief, put it in front of the thief with "transfer Security."Surge Protector Safe" looks like a real surge protector.
It has a glowing red on/off switch where you can plug in six wires and it can plug in a real wall socket.Since it is not a real electrical device, there is no danger of any current entering or passing through it.It looks real, but it's not.That is why it is difficult to distinguish.
Therefore, valuables can be hidden without anyone's attention.Its compartment size is 6 inch x 2 inch x threequarter inches.If you want to keep valuables at home and at home, the "travel coffee cup safe" is a great product.
It has a no-Overflow the top and will hold as much coffee as the standard coffee cup.The top can actually be used as an insulated coffee thermos.When you screw down the top from the bottom, you get an area about 6 inch tall and 3 inch in diameter to hide valuables.
In addition to the unique "safe box" mentioned above, there are many others, including hidden pillows and wall light "safe box ".These products are much cheaper and, in many cases, hide valuables better than standard locked metal safes.Thieves will automatically look for a standard safe, but will not be able to take the time and opportunity to check the safe that may be "transfer safe.
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