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by:KEBO      2019-08-09
In this changing world, it's not just a good idea to do what we can to help the environment, as Martha Stewart says, "a good thing" is the only thing.We are all managers of this wonderful world;It's great to make choices that support sustainability, recyclability and use our resources as little as possible!When I started my design practice 15 years ago, there were few options available.Special Order must be made if you want low VOC paint (can even be mixed by hand ).), And the price is very high.If you want an alternative to oil-based stains or finishes, it can only be inconsistent at best, disappointingover at worst.Cleaning products?You can get them through special orders, but they are not very clean.Now every big company has a green cleaning option for you and you can find them in almost every grocery store!You have to say "good" if you want organic clothing"Goodbye to those lovely premium fashion pumps, say hello to Birkenstock, or say hello to some dresses with no shapes.If you want organic food, you will either grow it yourself or be lucky to live in an area that supports organic food.(Think of California!) Today, we have choices and choices in every area that do not compromise our sense of style, taste, or self.Today, we can be ourselves and accept a lifestyle that is more supportive and beneficial to our health and well-being and to the health and well-being of the planet.I would like to share some of the items, products and options that I have found to help make my life easier and make my world greener.Enjoy!The main paint companies now have low VOC paint, so it's easy to find the paint you like.One of my favorite paint companies is Benjamin Moore.A few years ago, they launched a brand new product called Aura.Not only is this a low VOC line, but you are not limited to Halo colors, and they can match any of thousands of other colors!This year, they launched a brand new no VOC series called Natura, available in any color!This is an incredible improvement in paint technology, it offers high quality paint at an affordable price!The water-based StainZar offers a wide range of stains and surface treatments.
AFM offers a wide range of water-based stain color and finish caulking agents, as well as other home repair products.
AFM makes sealing materials for tiles, concrete and floor cables easier;The company produces low VOC cabinets.This is the perfect choice for your custom kitchen or bathroom.Cleaning products I personally like Bon Ami for scrubbing work (bathtub, toilet, etc.
Dishwasher detergent-the best I 've found so far is Ecover and I love the label.
Dish soap-from the seventh generation to many old brands that accept green tenants, there are many options, one of the easiest to find items.
Meyer cleaning products are clean and fresh using natural essential oils (I love lemon verbena!
Shaklee products have been kept clean and green for many years.Efficient Economy.Cleaning products are the easiest changes.In this category, there are too many companies and products to choose from and there won't be any difficulty finding what you like at a reasonable price.These products no longer need to be mailed to you;It's as easy as going to your favorite discount store or grocery store!Lighting a cfl or compact fluorescent bulb is easy to find compared to standard incandescent or halogen lamps, with a long duration and very little energy to use.You can put them in any size (used to be a huge size!), They now have "instant"-perfect for those outdoor fixtures!
LED or light-LEDs light bulbs are our latest product to choose from for low energy alternative bulbs.LED bulbs provide multi-directional lighting, non-Flashing, so this is your bulb for those who don't like the CFL bulb!
Smart power strips-these are great.Smart power strips look exactly the same as surge protectors, and while they provide surge protection, they also give you the ability to turn off all the power consumption that plugs into appliances, televisions, computers, etc.When they leave!It's true that everything plugged in is constantly using power-even if it's off!These new smart bars have an on/off switch so you can simply turn the switch on and everything inserted on the power strip is off with no current.This is the perfect choice to use in the evening and when away from home for a long time (work, vacation, etc.A good attempt is the power bar of bit Ltd.(The company also produces an energy monitor so you can see how energy efficient your appliance is.) Clothing you can find bamboo fiber, organic cotton and wool sweaters, tops and trousers in specialty stores, and of course online through many catalogues.\ "Green" towels, carpets and curtain fabrics are now available in most major mail order catalogues, major home accessories stores and major department stores.When you see such products in such a diverse retailer, you will know that organic fabrics, accessories and household items have become mainstream.Have you ever heard the phrase "You are what you eat?"I chose to buy food that is as pure as possible.(If I can't say it, can't say it or don't know what it is, I will vote against it directly!) I am happy to say that you can now find organically grown food at each major grocery and specialty grocery store!Choosing Sustainable Development or green environment is not just a popular trend;It's about making choices and helping you live a healthier lifestyle.To help you create a healthier lifestyle (let's face it, we can all do better), I included 3 feng shui suggestions for a healthy life.What does Feng Shui have to do with a green, sustainable lifestyle?The principle of Feng Shui is to live in harmony with our environment and to maintain balance in all things.Sound familiar?Feng shui has always been green!Feng Shui Tips for Healthy Life 1.Take a walk every day-even if you can only walk for 10 minutes, it's enough to get you on the road to health.
2.Eat often.Take time to eat.-Enjoy the process!Eat only what you like.
3.Regular rest every day.Not sitting or workingStopping will not make you more efficient;This will make you more tired.Get up, get out of the office, breathe!I think I'm going for a walk now!How about you?
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