surge protector price At Home on the Road: How They Bought an RV

by:KEBO      2019-11-10
This article was first published on Sinclair and his 42-year-old wife Bonnie bought their first RVin 2016 and recorded their nature --On their travel blog, our walk, full of adventure experiences across the countryFilled Life.The couple, who taught at the same high school in Woodstock, Georgia, visited 45 states and 19 countries together and wanted a leisure car, so that they can travel longer more comfortably.The popularity of RVs continues to grow, but they are not cheap: their prices can range from $10,000 to $300,000 depending on style, which does not include costs such as gasoline and maintenance.That's why Sinclair spent many years researching RVs before buying them.We asked him to share his RV.Buying experience, how he and his wife are saved, and what people should know before investing.This transcript has been edited a little for clarity and length.We have been thinking about buying a RV since 2014.We camp in tents.This is the way we save on our road trips in the summerIt's painful to realize that.We started traveling longer, sometimes for more than a month, and left our cats behind.We know that in order to travel with cats, we need something with air conditioning.We're all full of work.Time as a teacher.Our money is very frugal: We have a car since we taught in the same school, so it's a payment for a car.We save a lot of money each month for our trip and keep saving money to make a bigger trip.We use Mint to track fees and use credit cards extensively to accumulate points and miles, but we pay them off every month.We have been traveling extensively since we started dating in 2009.Our school is undergoing renovation.Round the calendar, so we have a few weeks of vacation in the year, and around Memorial Day, we will be out of school in the summer.In the summer, we have a seven-week holiday to go out and play, and we travel every time we take a break.We have been to 45 states, 19 countries and 198 national parks bureaus, including national parks, national monuments, national protected areas and national historic sites.We are big names in the National Park.MORE: Make your national park tour the adventure of savingsWe. We start seeing RV shows from time to time, RV dealers renting conference venues so you can see which models are available on the market.RV shows are a great opportunity to watch a large number of RV's.We looked around at the plan.It got mind-It was numb after a while, but we finally decided which one we wanted.We learned an important lesson about this: you are looking for a floor plan that meets your needs like buying a house.We don't have children, so we know it's a waste of money.In the spring of 2016, we paid off some bills and the rest of the money to pay for the RV.One weekend we decided to go to a RV show because we knew they offered a good deal at the end of the show to buy one on the spot.Unfortunately, they didn't have the floor plan we wanted at the show.But we did find a model we liked: the Keystone passport elite 23R.We found one on the rv trader.But they didn't want to negotiate at all, so we drove about 90 miles to Dalton, Georgia, to a dealer who sold this model.They have three left.My initial budget was $25,000.The price is $28,000, but I think I can get it for $25,000.I gave him $20,000, and he gave me another $24,000.We did the research and it was the cheapest price we could find within 300 miles.I let the dealer throw a weight-Hitch, worth $350.We fund it instead of paying all the fees in advance.We know we received an important tax return so we were able to pay 10% on the RV and spend the rest of our time on the extra items in the RVThe RV dealers we went to were laid back and financing was easy for us.We didn't fill out the documents until we did.It's qualified on the phone, so it's easy.One of the benefits of the RV is that if it has a kitchen and bathroom, it is considered a second home for tax purposes.That is why we are willing to provide funds because we know that we can deduct interest from the tax.Remember that your camper is the second home with wheels.You will have an extra charge as if you had a house.We have to consider funding for fuel and storage.We live in an apartment that does not allow RV parking but we have been paying for a storage unit for our camping gear and were able to pay an extra $5 a month to store our RV there.You will also need a fresh water hose, a water pressure regulator, in case the wheel level you use in an uneven camp, and an surge protector.And one more-Time purchase for power management, which is basically a premium surge protector for an RV for about $200 to $250.Other nice things include cordless electric drills, Jack adapters and freezer packs to keep perishable food in the fridge.I will let the dealer add a solar cell so we can stay where there is no electricity.If you want to buy a camper and go out in nature, I don't recommend that you have enough solar energy.When you go, ask the dealer to install it even before you pick it up.Our first major trip was to all the states in New England and almost all the national parks in the area within six weeks.We also took it to Yosemite National Park and stopped in Arizona and Nevada along the way.Last summer, we went to the National Park in Washington state.We will visit the Great Lakes next summer.The favorite place we have stayed in is Yellowstone National Park.Our RV allows us to explore easily from the center of the park and see the wildlife we would otherwise miss.One night, we had a dinner early and came to a place overlooking it.This is a big purchase.Travel trailers are as expensive as boats and can even be as expensive as a house.Before you buy, have a real discussion about how much money you will use.If you only camp once or twice a year, it's not worth it.Like any car, if you let the RV sit there, it will deteriorate over time.There are many places to rent a car.Still, the rent is expensive.When we calculate, renting a RV is as expensive as renting a car and buying a hotel every night.We found that we saved 40% compared to the hotel in the RV.Also, don't buy cheap pop music if you are seriousup camper.People don't realize how much value will be depreciated by owning and pulling it.Buy something you know you like and will use and enjoy it right away.Home on the road: how did they buy a car? the article first appeared on NerdWallet.
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