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by:KEBO      2019-10-20

Yes, there is now a way to extend your rv TV service to digital and HD, etc. without having to re-wire all the coaxial cables, AV selector boxes, etc.
So far, in order to get to know the latest and best technology, you have to conduct a wide sampling survey of manufacturers and distributors;Read RV magazine, consult your RV manufacturer technology department, and more to learn how to upgrade your TV and its satellite/antenna services in your old RV.
However, there are other tools to expand the options for movies, TV shows and music offered by other vendors.

I recently moved my home base from South Carolina to South Florida, and a key part of my move was that I wanted to update my home TV and WIFI to the latest technology.
In my current home, after an honest and critical observation of my equipment, I had to accept the fact that I had built a system of technical confusion over the last decade
I had a 4-year-

In my living room, a 7-year-

In our guest rooms and solarium.
I also have 4 different satellite boxes, an old DVD player, the first blue one --Ray player, along with an old WIFI modem, and an old wireless printer that's been locked all the time..

Cable, coaxial cable, A/V cable, audio cable, HD video cable and USB cable.
Of course, there are power cables and surge protectors.
Basically, what I have is a personal technical mess that is all over my home.I called a friend and when I packed up we took this mess seriously and fairly and I decided that this move was a big step for me, the best time to get into a major upgrade of our Florida home entertainment system.
So, nervous, penny-I cried for a few days and then decided that a lot of the old stuff was leaving and I needed to buy some new and better "stuff ".
With great pain and pain, I first designed what I thought was my "perfect system ".Then I started throwing away the old equipment and giving it to family and charities like charities.
At this point, I am selecting and installing my new and better home system.

Now, instead of going into my system and its components, I will try to describe what I have learned and how to use it to upgrade your RV entertainment equipment.
Wireless TV is available to almost all major manufacturers.There are some built-in wireless transceiver components, and some other built-in USB ports where you can plug in the wireless module.
Once your TV is accessible via the home/RV wireless system, you'll get a variety of additional entertainment options on your TV.

Name only a couple
Many even offer the ability to access such a popular package;

(a popular web-

(Video service) and other such web packages.

wireless hard-
The market allows you to store your movie purchases (up to 300 HD movies) through iTunes and other services for you to watch later.
In addition, the main satellite service, even better wired service, finally provides a new, more flexible interface box, HDMI output, and some even provide wireless slave boxes, used to send satellite movies and programs to the second TV in the RV.
Both my wife and I use our own PC in our RV (especially a master laptop and 2 IPads) as well as a wireless printer/scanner/copier.
For my RV wireless service, I have a popular supplier data card when we travel around the country, so that we can access the world over the Internet, no matter where we travel, stop in the RV.
Our phones use ATT and Verizon Wireless for network access.I think no matter where I travel, I have increased my chances of getting some kind of service.
In order for more than one person to use the data card at a time, I designed a cheap wireless router that my data card can connect to, and finally I got a relatively cheap wireless router, but I have a very practical personal wireless network in my RV.But I just upgraded it to onein-

We all have access to our emails, we can all shop, plan our travel routes, do research for our writing when needed, I can write and manage my blog and books online.

However, although our TV is all HD, it still has to be from the old crank-Antenna for local station or hard driveCable satellite antenna and satellite decoder.
With the launch of the new wireless TV, now with the new satellite box, it seems to me that it is time to take the next step to have the wireless rv TV.
Think about it.In any case, if you need to upgrade your rv TV, why not go ahead and install the wireless version of the TV?

Okay, your satellite box is still hard.Connect to your satellite antenna so do your research and make sure you can do it simply without any re-wiring.
Your old main TV will be hard.Cable (HDMI) or coaxial cable) to your satellite box.
But once you have a sattelite box with a wireless connection to the TV, you can install your extra TV anywhere in your RV (or outside) and install one
Of course, you still have to run AC power for the newly positioned TV, but it's a lot easier than running a signal cable.
See what you have now.Not only can you use your local antenna and satellite program as before, but you can now get more entertainment options through the Internet;Movies, TV shows, videos, radio stations, customized music channels, etc.
Note: Please note that your old Sattelite antenna system will not be designed for HD, however, your signal will be much better once you upgrade your old device and you will really enjoy the improved image.
For those who want to have real HD, along the way, you need to consider upgrading your satellite antenna system to complete the final step.

Keep in mind that, in addition to this new access to the web, you have to remember that when all the services I mentioned use the web, they are not free.
When you download a movie, video, or something, you are running out of the data card capacity allocated each month.
According to your contract with the supplier, the capacity is limited and must be managed wisely.You need to go around and get the maximum capacity at the lowest cost to meet your personal needs.
Really, this is the only real downside I can see to installing a wireless network in your RV.
Otherwise?Right here, it's ready for you to install and enjoy new flexibility and a variety of wireless TVs in your RV.Today!

It is worth noting that when I am traveling in a RV, I always compare the cost of using my (limited) personal data card with the free or low costThe cost is usually unlimited wireless access in many camps.
Usually, I take my computer and hard drive to the camp rest area, link to their system, and download some Netflix movies on my rv TV later that night.In this way, I can enjoy the evening entertainment for free..

I also have to add this warning.Technology changes are so dynamic that you have to accept the fact that no matter what I mention here, no matter what's on the market today, it's going to be eliminated very quickly, something Updated is always better, more flexible and cheaper.
Accept it!All you need to do is do your research diligently, at some point, bite your teeth and grab what is best for your entertainment needs right now, install and use it.
You see, if you wait forever, you'll always be the one who sits in the camp Public TV room every night, arguing with others like you about what channel to watch.
Whatever you decide, the choice now is exciting and ready for you.
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