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by:KEBO      2019-08-25
Not that this confusion is not welcome, but if it is not the shocking appearance of some "losers", some "famous" lights charge from behind than horse racing, what would you call a horse race not even likely to stay in traffic for a while, or be deceived by a potential lead until it ends up in an incredible speed burst, to say the least, be content with the winner's circle, especially when it belongs to the Kentucky Derby!
1913 Kentucky Derby, odds 91-
Hannover's Bay ponies won only 10 out of 62 games.However, Derby is doomed.Despite competing with key fast walkers such as the 10-point and Yankee concept, Denerail is still remembered to be at a safe strike distance and he stays there until the last round.His frustration was the greatest in racing history and during the race;Donerail created a new record, about a few seconds more than the current one.2:00 minutes.He hit the wire in the first half of the length at 10, at 4/5 2: 04.Punters are paid up to $184.$2 bet 90!
My Bird (2009 Kentucky Derby, odds 51-
Calvin Borrell is also known for his go.Railway riding technology kept my bird neatly hidden on the railway for most of the distance.There are other stronger advantages to the game, such as the muskets and the Nile pioneer, who are considered to be the best prospects for winning positions.However, the table turned around, and the two hanging on the rails quickly charged at a distance from the stadium, winning at an incredible length of six quarters and three quarters.The longest shot after Donerail, my bird paid $103!2005 Kentucky Derby, Odds 50-
This is the sired of the holy cow, he himself in the Derby with 2-1 chance after collision when charging from the start door.Giacomo rewrote history to become one of the highest-paid winners in the history of the event, paying the winner a prize of up to $1,639,600.Under the leadership of award-winning jockey Mike Smith, Giacomo completed the derby at 2: 02.75.1940 Kentucky Derby, odds 36-
He was subdued in 1937 by the famous Sir Galahad III, His Majesty the champion of 1930.What makes gallahadión stand out is his derby against the eternal horse race at Churchill Downs.In 36 games, gallahadión won only 6, marking another memorable defeat in the history of the Derby, and in 1918 the exterminator made a decent one1999 Kentucky Derby, odds 31-
The 125 games in the Kentucky Derby are dominated by a long shot, with a loss rate of 31-1.Instead of building a record of the game, it was a decent game that crossed 1 mile at 2: 03.Charm instantly became the winner.His pedigree boasts a racing legend like the Secretariat and northern dancers, but only 5 wins in 17 games, including the Derby, and the charm approaches his charm in Preakness and Belmont Stakes, after that, the treble is likely to stagnate after a near-fatal leg fracture.
There are many other unpleasant things in the history of the sport, but in the Kentucky Derby, the horse race has become very special because he competes with the best racing prodigy to get a place there again.
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