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by:KEBO      2019-06-25
The telecom industry is under constant pressure to lower prices to provide better and faster services.When the only purpose of the phone is to connect the phone, the pressure to compress the budget is much smaller, but as smartphones become mainstreamFor almost all connected devices, there is increasing pressure to provide better Internet access and social media connections.This means increased bandwidth, faster downloads, and wider phone coverage.
In order to expand the service to customers, more and more expensive equipment is necessary, but at the same time, it is constantly required to reduce customer bills.The solution to these problems is to extend the life of the equipment used during the process, thus reducing the amount of money that must be spent on maintenance and repair every quarter.Perhaps the biggest technological advance in this area is the integration of advanced surge protection for telecom systems.
The base of the cellular tower consists of a Remote Radio Head (RRH) and a base station unit (BSU) within the tower ).The natural setting of the tower makes it the target of a lightning strike as it has to be accessible and remote in order to provide good signal strength to the customer.Because there is almost nothing to do to prevent these towers from being struck by lightning, protecting the equipment inside is the main focus.
The damage caused by the strike itself is often inevitable, but the wider damage has occurred due to the impact of the strike.This surge can cause overload of wires and connection equipment and damage of circuits and components.The only way to protect the device from surge damage is to integrate advanced surge protection devices that will stop current in case of transient conditions.
While it is a step forward to protect these systems from damage, the bigger step is to deploy "always on" protection that does not need to be replaced or reinstalled by the Social Democratic Party itself.This allows communication to remain in place even after the Social Democratic Party cut off traffic, keeping customers connected while reducing costs
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