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by:KEBO      2019-06-26
Industrial surge protection is one of the best defensive measures to prevent losses in many industries, especially those located in exposed areas or on-site.Examples of this situation are most easily observed in the telecom, wind and solar industries where large, exposed components are located in unobstructed areas.In the case of cellular towers and wind turbines, they are all tall structures placed in unobstructed areas in order to better obtain wind power or provide a more direct connection to cellular devices.
These structures all involve towers that directly hold or directly connect to the control equipment required for the process.Lightning strikes are expected on the top of the blade or battery tower of the wind turbine and are often included in the business plan, however, additional damage costs associated with surge pose a significant threat to the bottom line of both industries.The control equipment is both expensive and sensitive and unprotected and may be damaged or completely destroyed by surge after lightning strike.
This happens when a lightning strike produces a large pulse, passing through a lightning strike point, coupled to the structure or line that connects the lightning strike point to a computer device.Because the equipment can only withstand so much current before it is damaged or damaged, the surge associated with the strike usually also destroys everything downstream, so that, the loss of hundreds of dollars has become hundreds of billions or even millions of dollars.If there is also an explosion or fire, the damage may be greater.
These situations must be avoided by preventing the current at the protection point represented by surge protection devices or surge protectors.These devices are installed at strategic points where electrical transient flow is expected and have multiple redundancies in the event of a failure.By installing industrial surge protection devices in industrial applications, enterprises can reduce the operating costs reflected in equipment maintenance and replacement.
This enables these businesses to control costs, thereby reducing the fees that must be charged to consumers to create profits.Industrial surge protection is good for both consumers and businesses
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