spd surge protection device array junction box compact solution with minimum output ...

by:KEBO      2019-06-26
The photovoltaic system uses multiple photovoltaic modules to form a power generation array and uses various other power conditioning devices to generate electricity.When two or more modules are connected in series or in parallel, the junction box allows solar panels to generate electricity without affecting other modules.It monitors voltage and current in a way that solar system service providers can automatically track panel performance.
The purpose of the solar junction box is to combine the strings together and get a common output.The success or failure of the entire solar project depends entirely on these boxes.Connect multiple modules in series to increase the voltage at a higher level.
All strings of these panels are connected in parallel to improve the current at a higher level.The junction box combines all the outputs together and is connected to the inverter.Each string has a blocking diode to protect the panel from the reverse current at night or in the case of shadows.
The case of the junction box is usually composed of polyester material, CRCA or FRP.It reduces the number of wires, thus reducing the cost of materials.It can be equipped with a DC switch isolation switch or a fuse isolation switch for the output partition.
It can also be connected to the current sensor to check the current of the string.The housing shall have UV-resistant, fire-resistant and halogen-free properties.The junction box is equipped with surge protection to protect it from high pressure spikes.
The Social Democratic Party has the ability to withstand short-term transient conditions, thus protecting our electrical and electronic equipment from shock, which is why it can be used for a long life.They are manufactured by compliance of IS/IEC 62305-4 together with IEC 61643-11, IEC 61643-12, IEC 61643-21, IEC 61643-22 and provide the accessibility of the best maintenance.The array junction box is strictly tested to provide a certain degree of IP 65 protection to ensure its quality.
Depending on the number of input strings, it has various sizes and can be customized according to the customer's requirements
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