solid state voltage regulator How to Troubleshoot Fridge Compressors

by:KEBO      2019-11-24
solid state voltage regulator How to Troubleshoot Fridge Compressors
The compressor is the core of the refrigerator sealing refrigerant system.The compressor is the most expensive part to replace and one of the few parts that the homeowner can't replace himself.Fortunately, the compressor itself is rarely a problem when the refrigerator is not working properly.Often, the problem lies in components that are cheaper and easier to replace, such as start-up relays or constant temperature switches.Remove the refrigerator from the wall and unplug the power cord from the wall socket.You will use the Ohm function on the digital multimeter to troubleshoot the compressor, and applying a power supply on the circuit under test will give the wrong reading and damage the meter.Find the start relay of the compressor and unplug it from the terminal on the side of the compressor.The modern refrigerator uses a solid state start-up relay that can be identified by connecting its two wires.The three pins shown are run, public, and start winding pins marked as "S", "C", and "R", respectively ".If no PIN is marked, set the function switch of the digital meter to the rx1 scale and locate the two pins that give the highest reading;These pins are run and start winding pins and the rest are public pins.If the meter LCD shows "O ".L."When checking between any two pins, the compressor is broken and needs to be replaced.Compressor motors can have two types of short circuitto-Short circuit in winding or winding-to-frame short.The readings obtained between Run and Common, and the Start and Common pins should be in.5 ohms each other.If these readings are significantly different, the winding with a significantly lower reading turns-to-Short turn, need to replace the compressor.Check the winding-to-the-motor-Shorten the rack by reading readings between each pin and the compressor housing.If the LCD of the meter shows anything other than "O"L."The compressor is bad in these tests and needs to be replaced.If the motor winding test is good, the problem is either the motor start relay is bad or the constant temperature control switch is bad.Since there is no easy way to check the solid state start relay without replacing the new relay, please check the constant temperature control switch.Set the switch between 4 and 5 and check the continuity between the plug and the wire connected to the start relay.The LCD of the meter should display "0.000 "reading between the two sides of the plug and a wire connected to the start relay.If "O" is displayed on either side.L."The constant temperature control is not good and needs to be replaced.If the constant temperature switch is checked well, please replace the solid state motor start relay.If an electrical check is performed on the compressor, but it still fails to start and operate normally, it may cause the compressor to get stuck, or the bearing or valve is poor.It needs to be replaced in these cases.Don't try to replace the defective compressor yourself.Please come to the expert.You have to get permission from EPA to use the refrigerant.
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