solar pv inverter the development of solar pv industry become more powerful ...

by:KEBO      2019-09-24
By 2050, solar energy will become the most popular energy source in the world. A researcher once said that the cost of solar photovoltaic technology will drop by 50% in the next decade, and solar energy will inevitably become the future energy source by 2050.Support via feedNationwide, tariffs have almost disappeared, and Australians have found that Chinese solar panels are key to installing affordable domestic solar systems.So much so that more than one million of our homes use solar power.A great achievement.However, the decline in the cost curve is two-According to some analysts, sword.While the supply of affordable solar panels has already driven the Australian solar market's "start-up" from consumers, it has also hindered --Even destroyed.Production in Australia.This is not just an Australian phenomenon.With a trade war on so-called protectionism against countries such as the United States looming, these countries are not entirely Angels in subsidizing the export sector to gain a competitive advantage.Of course, many rightly point out that China is still the world's largest consumer of fossil fuels while supporting renewable energy.Solar energy will be at the forefront of this technological advance, and it is rapidly becoming cheaper and cheaper.It can only be assumed that these savings will be translated into other countries, such as Australia, who are well aware of the benefits of Chinese solar products.As we look to renewable energy in the coming year and try to predict the development of the solar market in Australia, one of the first conclusions is the importance of neighbouring countries.What I am talking about here is the role that China continues to play in Australia's solar energy sector.It is no exaggeration to say that China's cheap, high-quality solar panels have driven domestic demand for solar panels in Australia.Despite Australia's vast solar farms and abundant solar energy, it still lags behind the rest of the world in terms of renewable energy.As one of the world's leaders in the development of large-scale renewable energy, we have not taken the right position that we should take.The misconception is that, from international diplomacy, sporting events, to energy policy, we have "exceeded our weight" on all issues ".Whatever the situation in other areas, it lacks credibility in renewable energy and climate policy.Here, we are content to sit and let the world lead, and it seems that the modest results of previous governments have been left aside.
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