solar power inverters for sale SolPad offers portable solar power, batteries included

by:KEBO      2019-11-12
For many analysts, the future of home energy is like this: solar panels on the roof and batteries in the basement.The battery will absorb power from the panel during the day for use at night.So far, batteries and panels are often considered two separate things, connected together by wiring and software.Now a Mountain View startup wants to turn them into one.Sun Culture solar released a prototype product on Thursday --the SolPad —It integrates solar cells, inverters and solids-State battery becomes a selfIt looks like the inclusion unit of an oversized smartphone.The company plans to make SolPads of different sizes, some large enough to sit on the roof to power the home, others small enough to carry with you.The portable version can even run the lights and appliances of the apartment in the evening, using software that can push the precise electricity into the standard wall socket.Although the SolPad Home still needs professional installation, the design of both simplifies the use of solar energy.Christopher Estes, CEO and chief product architect at SunCulture, said: "My goal is to use renewable energy, as smartphones do with computers ."."I don't like the manual.It only needs to work.It needs to be simple."The company plans to start selling portable versions first and is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2017.SunCulture has not yet released the price for portable or household usebased products.But the company's initial estimate of SolPad Home is that for a system that can produce five, the installation cost is $19,443.Electricity 3 KW.According to data from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the cost of a typical residential solar system of this size is currently around $21,700.Battery is not included.Barry Cinnamon, a long-term solar entrepreneur, has seen SolPad and sees it as an elegant way to combine the two products --Solar energy and energy storage-This will inevitably come together.He compared the combination to Reese's Peanut Butter Cup."This is peanut butter and chocolate for solar energy," said Cinnamon, CEO of solar installation company Cinnamon Solar ."."The way the industry works, these parts come from different companies, so it's cool to integrate these parts.The portable SolPad weighs 25 pounds and is 2 feet and 4 inch high.Like a mobile phone, it has a lot of hidden features, including voice.Put it on the floor too hard and it will complain "Ow!Will you be careful?"Blocking the way to 20 silicon solar cells, the voice of women --Recorded by an executive of the company"Excuse me, do you mind ?"You're blocking my sunshine."A row of LEDs in front of the device can act as lights when power is off, or are programmed to mimic a flashing colorful disco flash.Another setting turns the led into red and plays the theme into the talkClassic "Knight" car TV.Not all functions are whimsical.There are two general purpose power outlets on the back, and the user can plug the device directly into the device.The same is true for three USB ports.Tap the side of the device and it will tell you how much energy it absorbs from the sun, how much juice is left in the battery, or how much electricity it sends to your appliance.Two or more portable solpads can be easily connected together to generate more power.The device can be controlled through apps for smartphones and smartwatches.It can also plug into the wall socket and, under the guidance of the app, inject enough electricity into the wires of the apartment to run lights, computers, TVs, or all of the above.Estes says apartment residents can charge SolPad during the day and use its electricity at night.It can also provide energy after a power outage or disaster, such as a major earthquake.Similarly, the roof version of SolPad is designed to continue working even if the state's grid is down.The vast majority of home solar cells can't do that, says cinnamon.
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