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by:KEBO      2019-09-21
Not only does living outside the grid attract some oppositionThe type of government these days.In a world full of desire for materialism and growing dependence on government, many families have abandoned the traditional life of suburbs and SUVs, carpooling to school and working nine to five, keep them away from the grid and live independently.The use of solar energy is a kind of cleanliness, natural resources have been in existence and have been used successfully for a long time, but it has not started to attract the public until recently as more and more people are committed to green and environmental life.With solar heating and generators, the need to rely on power groups has eased, but the problem that few people think about is how about the pipeline?Can you live off the grid? Are there any showers, dishwashing and hot water using the washing machine?Is it possible to use the solar panels you will rely on to meet your plumbing needs, just like a water heater?The answer is yes.With photovoltaic solar panels, you can generate your own electricity.This will allow you to create your own hot water for your solar system plumbing needs, such as bathing, cleaning, and even using a pool or spa.Living off the grid does not mean that you have to stop enjoying a good life.If this is an option that you will be serious about pursuing, you should find a plumber who is familiar with solar plumbing and who needs to install a hot water tank and the accessories needed to make it all work.Solar water heaters will include solar collectors and storage tanks.There are two kinds of solar water heaters --The passive model does not have an internal circulating pump and controller, and the active model does not have an internal pump and controller.Do it yourself for difficult people, you can do it yourself, but it can be a very time consuming task without previous experience and skills to support you.More and more people use solar energy, and more plumbers are familiar with how solar heating and plumbing work together, and they can successfully install it for you with less energy and time than novices.In the end, solar energy will help reduce your carbon footprint, your electricity bill will of course disappear completely, you will still enjoy the comfort of the hot shower, what else do you need?
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