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by:KEBO      2019-10-15
Nowadays, with the popularity of solar energy, many people are wondering if this is suitable for their home.Photovoltaic power generation or photovoltaic power generation is a good way to protect the environment, reduce electricity costs and help the Earth.With so many government and local incentives, there is no more reason to start generating electricity from the sun.Let's talk about some of your options.
This is the easiest and most popular way to start photovoltaic power generation.All these systems need to be connected to your existing home power system and utility grid.If your array generates more energy than you use, it will be sold back to the grid and create credit for you.The advantages of these systems are relatively simple and low initial cost.A system like this usually requires several panels, some wiring boxes and disconnection devices, and an inverter.The inverter converts the power on the panel into electricity that can be used by the home and grid.
One of the drawbacks of this system is that there is no storage.If you have frequent power outages and need a backup power supply, this system will not work due to no storage of solar energy.For remote cabins and cabins that do not have a nearby power grid, this system is also not feasible.
The system also requires an interconnect agreement with local utilities.This outlines how it should be connected to the grid and what is the check schedule.It is usually recommended that your power company participate in the grid as soon as possible-tied system.As rewards and rebates are often given by the state and public utilities, this is well worth mentioning.
Hybrid Solar-
For off-grid and back-Most people turn to hybrid systems, which is important in power applications.Hybrid systems typically consist of three-level power supplies such as photovoltaic arrays, charging controllers, battery packs, inverters, and wind turbines or gas generators.These systems are quite complex and require a high level of expertise in design and installation.With the popularity of off-However, there are more and more packaging systems for people to choose from in grid life.If the power grid is closed, these systems will provide electricity, which can still be sold to the grid if needed.
The biggest downside of these systems is cost and complexity.The battery pack needs regular maintenance and must be replaced long before the panel is generated.They are also quite expensive.However, these costs are often a better choice for the cost and trouble of bringing grid power into remote areas.
These systems are often the only option for cheap electricity in remote areas.They usually consist of a small battery pack, a charging controller and a solar array.People who use these systems choose to use all DC equipment to avoid the cost and inefficiency of the inverter.The advantage of these systems is that the initial cost is low.The battery is still a problem for maintenance costs.If the weather does not allow the panel to charge the battery, there is no backup power supply.
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