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by:KEBO      2019-10-18
It is difficult to accurately estimate how much you will pay for a system.Depending on local competition, hardware availability, and installation difficulty, the price and installation costs vary greatly.OK?Next subject.
But wait!!!That doesn't help at all, does it?We can estimate the system cost with some basic rules of thumb.Recently, the global production of solar panels has increased, and the price of solar panels has been declining.
An easy number to remember is $8.The power of the installed system is 9 watts.This means that you can pay $2,000 if you decide to have a 16,000 Watt system-$18,000 before the awardSo what is this number?General equipment runs about $4-$4.Panels, installation, wiring, inverters and various fasteners are 50 watts per watt.The price of the panel itself is about $3.50/watt.
The remaining 4-$5 per watt for Labor, permits, insurance, equipment, overhead (office, telephone, owner's goods to Maui every year) and profit for installation contractors.Sounds like a lot?These guys make money.Unlike industries where some cheap, unskilled labor can find jobs in a few hours, solar energy can be complex and roof work can be dangerous.
Off-The grid system is a lot more complicated (Complex = expensive if you haven't realized it yet ).Off-The grid system can run at 20-50% more than the gridtie systems.So the budget is about $13.Off of 15/Watt-grid system.
Why so much more?One word: battery.The battery adds a huge amount of cost and complexity.One deep-Closed cycle batteryThe cost of using the grid can reach $300, and usually the system needs 16 batteries.We're talking about $5,000 for batteries.Then there is the charging controller, copper wiring for all the batteries, most systems need some kind of housing.
Nevertheless, most of the people who are considering taking time offThe grid system doesn't have much choice in terms of power supply, so spending $13/Watt or spending the night with a candle is an easy option.
There are some plug-and-play kits for a much lower price (around $7 ).50 per watt), but they are for small houses and you have to install them yourself.
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