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by:KEBO      2019-10-09
While solar energy is not a new idea, its overall impact on the economy is uncertain.As renewable resources become more and more powerful, how the scope and manner of the use of solar energy by the community will affect the economic impact of energy.The economic impact of large, concentrated solar power plants and solar cell plants will be significantly different from that of local plants and distributed solar power generation.
The construction of large solar power plants has significant short-term economic benefits in creating construction jobs, but once the plant is built, its employment advantage will decline.A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory predicts that the construction of a 1,000 MW solar power plant in Nevada will create more than 2,000 jobs in three years.After construction, however, work benefits fell sharply over the next four years, and then slowly climbed to just over 200 new jobs.It is expected that the advantages of building a series of power plants every few years will be more lasting, and as long as new power plants are built, there will be a lot of construction work.These factories have also generated a huge increase in national products and average personal income, while they are under construction, and once built, income will grow more gently.
Large solar power plants are only a small part of the story.Solar energy is a distributed energy source: it is everywhere and can be easily harvested by placing solar cells on a large number of local buildings. Saves the land needed to operate large solar power plants.The installation of solar cells in the local area has created jobs, and the installation of solar cells in houses, businesses and other buildings has stimulated the local economy.If the solar cell is manufactured in a small local factory when the solar movement occurs, it will provide another impetus to the economy in the form of manufacturing work.
At present, most of the electricity is produced in large power plants and is delivered hundreds of miles of electricity to houses, businesses and other buildings.The construction and maintenance of all these infrastructure will cost a lot of money.With the rise of local solar energy, the cost of infrastructure will be reduced.Since the distance of power transmission within a community will be much shorter, the community will not have to build new large-scale transmission lines.
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