solar energy inverter Types of Geothermal Power Plants

by:KEBO      2019-09-05
Geothermal energy extraction is a developing technology and is considered to be the best alternative energy source that is harmless, non-toxic and can generate huge power.Read this article to learn more about this energy source.
Geothermal energy is the source of energy from the heat naturally stored in the core.The heat stored may be due to volcanic activity and solar energy absorbed on the Earth's surface.From the formation of planets and radioactive decay, it exists.Ionization radiation from radioactive minerals and their disintegration form geothermal energy.Due to the influence of meteorites, it can also be produced.It is a non-Traditional energy, so, it's ecological.Friendly, sustainable and clean source.Global warming is a concern of all countries in the world. In this way, global warming can be greatly reduced.
The hot water from the reservoir (350 degrees Fahrenheit) is released at very high pressure and the final pressure is reduced and the hot water flashes in the form of steam.The steam generated in this way drives the turbine.In order to improve efficiency, dual flash memory systems are usually adopted.In a double flash cycle, the steam is separated at different pressures.The efficiency of the dual flash system is 20% to 30% higher than that of the single flash system.Flash power plants have various advantages such as low emissions and are not affected by various weather conditions.The largest flash system in California is called the Coso geothermal power plant.
The system operates at a temperature lower than that of the flash power plant.It accepts a liquid temperature of about 57 degrees Celsius.A secondary fluid with a lower boiling point than water passes through hot water.Because of its low boiling point, the secondary liquid is converted into steam.The second type of liquid is mainly a hydrocarbon like isoalcohol or isozhengtan.The steam cools in a closed loop and is injected again.This type of power plant is now widely used.
Hot rocks three to five miles below the Earth's surface can be used to generate thermal energy.Naturally generated heat from permeable rocks is used as an energy source.By injecting into the well, injecting cold water into the rock under high pressure can increase the permeability of the rock.Pressurized water travels through the pores and cracks present in the rock.The water absorbs heat from the inside of the rock, and the hot water is discharged through the second drilling holehole.Steam in hot water over 150 degrees is converted into electricity through a steam turbine.
Electricity obtained from these sources is five times the total power of other unconventional sources such as wind, solar, biomass and fossil fuels.Due to technical difficulties, it is impossible for industrialists to develop geothermal projects.The government provides a good incentive to develop alternative unconventional sources, including geothermal energy.Another advantage is that useful minerals such as silica and zinc can be obtained from the underground extraction process.In addition, direct use of geothermal energy can help reduce coal and fossil fuels to several barrels.
David Blackwell, a physicist from Southern Methodist University, is very optimistic about the growth of this energy.According to him, with advanced technology, geothermal can generate 1 out of 10 electricity in the United States by 2050.Geothermal companies in the United States have huge projects, and the government is also promoting them.With the development of advanced technology, it will become the energy of the next few years.
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