solar energy inverter Solar policy day in campaign, as Libs, Greens detail plans

by:KEBO      2019-08-29
With the start of the second week of Monday's state election campaign, solar energy is the main item on the agenda, with both the Liberal Party and the Green Partyxa0Solar policy announcement

It is predicted that the price of electricity for Tasman will be reduced by up to ten percent by 2022.
Guy Barnett, energy minister, said the Liberal Party would "review and reshape" solar power --In the national tariff, the focus is on determining a single feedin tariff.
Under a re-Elected free government, proposed changes to review proposals will be implemented by January 2019.
"In the first six months we started overIn the election, we will review and reshape the current solar power supply."In terms of ensuring tariffs that provide appropriate returns to households and businesses that produce solar energy," Mr Barnett said .".
Energy supplier Nest Energy is a business that believes it will benefit from the Liberal proposal.
"This will encourage investment in the solar industry, which we are looking for as a business," said David Hillier, director of energy at Nest .".
"This is not absolutely necessary, but it will definitely encourage more investment.
Because the higher the interest rate we can get, the more investors will get.
At the same time, the Greens have also proposed their own roof solar policy, which will require U. S. economic regulatorsxa0Taking into account the "social benefits" of solar energy, determine the price of solar energy.
"The prices set up in tazhou do not include social benefits, the value of reducing greenhouse gas emissions," said Green Energy spokesman Rosalie Woodruff .".
"We know that the people who develop renewable energy such as rooftop solar power are making a huge contribution to the safety of tazhou, who have made a huge contribution to the planet in helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
"But they have to spend money.
Dr Woodruff claims that green policy will createxa0New 200 jobs
Labor leader Rebecca White saysxa0"Absolutely committed" to renewable energy technology, which is why it promises to build a solar hub for community housing, which providers of community housing will try solar panels on the roofxa0Lower their electricity prices
"The transition from traditional power generation to independent solar panels," MS White said .".
"It does have an impact on the viability of the network.
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