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by:KEBO      2019-09-06
Today, solar panels are used to generate electricity.Solar panels, as an inexhaustible source of energy, are widely used for power generation.Read this article to learn about the efficiency of different types of solar panels.
With the increase in electricity consumption, the source of power generation has also increased.Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy that can be used to generate electricity.
Solar cells are the main equipment to capture solar energy and convert it into electric energy through photovoltaic mechanisms.Solar cells are assembled into different solar devices, such as solar panels, solar modules and photovoltaic cells, which are widely used today for power generation.
The efficiency of the device is an important issue for experts, because if the efficiency is low, its output will also be reduced.Therefore, before using the solar cell for different purposes that require power generation, we must know its efficiency.

The use of solar panels in homes is becoming more and more common.They are used for cooking, heating, boiling and are incorporated into many electrical equipment.They are installed at home to generate energy for microwave ovens, refrigerators, irons, water heaters, air conditioners, inverters and many other devices.This is because solar energy is abundant, renewable and cheap.
First, the total energy consumed by electrical equipment is estimated on average, and then the efficiency is calculated.
Scientists have found that only 20% of the total solar energy that hits solar panels is converted into electrical energy.This means that when solar energy is converted into electricity, the average efficiency of solar panels at home is 20%.Efficiency is further reduced when it comes to bulbs or tubes.
For example, if the efficiency of the solar cell is 20%, then the remaining energy will be used to convert the DC into AC, which will consume an additional energy of 15%.The rest of the energy is finally used for the bulb, and the output is only 5% of the total efficiency.Solar panels are generally not used to illuminate the home due to low production.

Flexible solar panels are used for devices that require low output and generate less energy.Flexible equipment includes solar landscape lights such as solar water heaters, garden lights, safety lights and floodlights.Solar fountains, water pumps, battery chargers, photovoltaic solar cells, etc. are also some examples of flexible solar panels.
These flexible devices also require low solar energy consumption, so low-efficiency solar panels can be used to meet these needs.The output should be between 5% and 20%.

As the consumption of solar energy has gained a rapid growth momentum, the latest technology has been adopted to improve the production and efficiency of solar panels.Recently, the use of thin film solar cells coated with light absorption materials has increased the efficiency to about 40%.
Silicon wafer batteries are the most widely used solar panels because they are as efficient as 40%.Modern technologies such as magnetic solar modules and nanoparticles are used to improve efficiency values.With the advent of nanotechnology, 80% efficiency can be achieved.
This solar cell is made up of nanoparticles that can be usedEven at night, there is a lot of red radiation from the sun.With a folding solar panel, the efficiency is 80% and the output is good.These are not only high efficiency, but also high costeffective.
From the previous information, we can infer that Although solar energy is the most abundant energy source, it is less efficient.However, with the coming invention, great efforts are being made to improve efficiency.
The biggest advantage of solar panels is no pollution.Those devices with an efficiency of up to 20% can easily be used to run a variety of devices at home, while efficient panels are used to run machines that consume high energy.
If you plan to manage your house with solar energy, equip it with the best panels that can get the maximum output.
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