solar energy inverter How is Solar Energy Harnessed

by:KEBO      2019-09-09
Solar energy has been used as an energy source since ancient times.Is it not very good to know how it is controlled?This article also reveals the benefits of this power in our lives.
Since the beginning of life on Earth, The Sun has been a fascinating object.Solar energy is the sunlight that shines on the surface of the Earth.In astronomy, it is our nearest star. without this star, there will be no life on Earth.It isxa0Estimated 1 hourxa0Solar power can meet the world's energy needs for a year.
Sunxa0Not only give light, but also a source of energy.Given its many benefits, it is no wonder that it is worshipped in many religions around the world.Learn how solar energy is used from the following chapters.

In order to understand how solar energy works, we first need to know how solar energy is produced.It is produced by the radiation of the sun.e., the sunlight.
Sunlight reaching the upper part of the Earth's atmosphere passes through many layers inside the Earth.
When it finally reaches the surface of the Earth, it exists in the form of visible and infrared radiation.
It is here that radiation is used by plants as chemical energy during photosynthesis, and humans use it in the form of thermal energy.

When drying a damp cloth in the sun, the water in the damp cloth evaporates and the cloth becomes dry.When heating a bucket of water in the sun, heat is absorbed by water particles, causing the temperature of the water to rise.In both cases, the heat in the sun is absorbed by water particles.

Electric energy is obtained from the radiation of sunlight.Solar power plant, power tower, parabolic trough and other means are used to convert solar energy into electric energy.In all of these methods, the underlying principle is to convert solar energy into electric energy.

For lighting purposes, hybrid solar lighting is one of the ways to use natural light.By focusing the sun on the mirror, it is collected and transferred to the interior of the building through fiber optic to complement the traditional lighting system.

The laundry hanging outside the house is easy to dry.
Sunlight helps plants rot, leading to the formation of fossil fuels.
It is used to make solar ovens for cooking.These ovens have replaced traditional cooking fuels such as wood and coal.It is also a cheap source of energy because there is plenty of sunshine.
Another benefit is that it can be converted into other forms such as electric energy or light energy.The process of using semiconductors to generate electricity from solar energy is called "photovoltaic ".Your solar-Electric Watches and calculators use this technology and embed solar cells.
They also have huge uses for satellites and spacecraft.
Natural light is used for lighting purposes.During the day, the Sun will produce enough light.This is a passive way of using this energy.

After knowing the benefits of solar energy, it is really painful to know that the source of sunlight these days is affected by pollution.Known as global dimming, it is a reduction in the irradiance of the Earth's surface over a period of time.
Due to reckless human activity, our atmosphere is polluted by carbon particles.Air pollution has also brought about global climate change, and the average temperature on the Earth's surface has also risen.
Let us remember that our energy needs in the future can only be met with this easily accessible, rich and cheap energy source.Therefore, we all need to take some small measures to protect our environment from damage.
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