solar energy inverter How Can Solar Energy be Utilized in the Future?

by:KEBO      2019-09-10
Since we remember, the sun has served us food with its light and heat.Now, in an era of digging deep into the earth to produce little or no results for depleted fuel, we look up again for a constant source.
Think about it, the sun is probably the biggest reason for our existence, and the only reason we have the fuel to supply the pace of development that we will never meet.First of all, fossil fuels will not form without the heat of the sun.We have been using it in some way to take advantage of our strengths, such as drying clothes or building a house based on the sunrise, to optimize the amount of light coming into our home.
We are now in an era where we will face serious setbacks if we do not make the most of solar energy.
The answers to these questions allow us to think about the future of solar energy.The leader in energy management predicts that it will soon be introduced in conjunction with all the energy currently used as a fully competitive energy source.Shell expects 50% of the Earth's total energy intake to come from solar energy by 2040.Learn more about how they intend to do this.
One of the main ways to take advantage of solar energy is photovoltaic cells.Other sources are water and air.The photovoltaic cells simply convert the light into electricity, and then supply the electricity to wherever it is needed.These batteries were once used as power supplies for satellites (as early as 1958) and are today used in many common power supplies such as calculators.The main frustration with these cells is that they turn off if they have little or no sunlight, which is why they cannot be used at night.Another problem is the concentration of light.In order to enhance the effect, the cell cannot concentrate all the light in one place, but must rely on anything on the surface.This means that if we have to use photovoltaic cells, we need a lot of space to meet the needs of a functional building.So you end up with a huge array of cells, all of which rotate according to the angle of the Sun and the surface of the Earth.
The final setback is due to the chemical properties of the cells.Regardless of the efficiency of photovoltaic solar cells, there will always be energy factors that limit their total output.It is the energy needed to bump electrons out of orbit, basically through the wires, which is called electricity.There are many advances in efficient solar panels that try to minimize this (better energy gap factor is zero ).Solar has been dealing with these issues until recently.
They may not be perfect, but photovoltaic cells are widely used worldwide.
At present, we only use solar energy for small residential, small commercial or government purposes.This is mainly due to the lack of space in big cities.
These are also called solar towers.The built buildings are huge in size and span.There is such a tower in Arizona.The tower will be built by the Australian company EnviroMission, 2,625 feet high.This is twice the size of the Empire State Building, 30 metres from the tallest building, Burj Khalifa.It will be completed by 2015.It is said that the tower is capable of generating a peak power output of 200 MW, enough to provide electricity to 100,000 to 150,000 households.In addition, the $0.75 billion structure will need to be maintained for at least 80 years from the first function day with a 60% efficiency;This is more than most other sources of energy.The working principle of the tower is the concept of temperature difference, so it can generate electricity even at night.
Humans often show a tendency to think ahead of their own time.An example of this is space.Based on the power plant (SBSP ).The idea was thought and studied since 1970.It includes installing satellites or towers outside the Earth's atmosphere to collect solar energy at a much higher efficiency than solar cells on Earth.This bypassed all the loss of collecting solar energy due to atmospheric interference and Earth rotation.The obvious problem in the plan is the energy generated by satellite transmission to the Earth.Recent studies include wireless transmission of receptors on the ground in the form of microwaves.This will increase the transmission loss again.Another problem is to successfully build a satellite large enough to generate enough power, but also to avoid all floating space debris.
The temperature difference between the sun and the ocean is another untapped energy source.The idea is to be able to cycle the hot water on the surface and the cold water below the surface through the tube containing the turbine.Because this is also based on the temperature difference, it may also be equally effective in electricity production at night.
It aims to integrate solar energy into almost all electronic devices.This includes your mobile phone, laptop, home appliances and building lights.Energy utilization equipment includes: the future of solar energy, for now, is everything we have done so far.Technological progress can only go so far.But with the current rate of fuel consumption, more and more people use the sun as the ultimate source of energy, as they used.
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