solar energy inverter Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

by:KEBO      2019-09-09
For areas with cold weather, the evacuation tube solar collector provides the best solution.What benefits can they offer?Read on and learn all about it.
The vacuum tube solar collector, thanks to its cylindrical solar collector, is able to utilize solar energy efficiently and to the maximum extent.These devices go further than others in their design.To maximize efficiency, these devices are made in rows of parallel glass tubes.The industrial and commercial sectors use evacuated solar heat pipes.Home heating is also the first choice.
In the evacuation tube solar collector, connect several rows of parallel glass tubes (tubs tube) to the collector tube.Each tube is made of two layers of solid boron-silicon glass.By taking (evacuate) air from each tube, a vacuum layer is formed in the tube.This prevents heat loss through convection and radiation.Since there is no air inside the tube, the heat loss is minimal, and the impact of ambient temperature is also very low.The vacuum helps the tube to maintain the Heat captured, thus maximizing the heat generated.The energy of the sun is captured by a special absorbing film placed between two layers of glass.The film can absorb about 90-92% of the sun's ultraviolet rays.The remaining energy (10-8%) exhausted into the atmosphere.
The heat absorbed is then transferred to a flat or curved aluminum sheet or copper sheet inside the inner layer of the glass.This fin is attached to a metal heat pipe that passes heat to the copper head at the top of the collector.Place a small amount of acetone in the copper heat pipe.When the heat pipe is heated, acetone becomes steam and rises to the top of the tube.This acetone vapor is converted into liquid form in the condenser.This liquid flows back to the heat pipe and repeats the process.
Unlike other solar collectors, the evacuation tube collector can collect the energy of the sun from multiple angles.This is possible because of their Jingdong tubular design.When the sun is at a lower angle, it is almost impossible for a typical solar collector to capture solar energy.This is not the case with evacuated solar collectors.To maximize the energy of the sun, they are built with a wider collection area.
Evacuation tube solar water heaters work more efficiently in the morning and afternoon.For places where the climate is cold, the evacuation solar collector is able to maintain a temperature range of 75 °c to 175 °c.Their operation is not affected by rising or falling temperatures.The property makes these solar heaters ideal for cold weather areas.
In contrast, the space required for the evacuation tube solar collector is small and easy to install.Carbon dioxide emissions have also remained at a low level.It is possible to replace the damaged tube so as not to have any defects in the system.The tube does not heat due to the vacuum generated.Evacuation tube solar water heaters promise a minimum of 20 years of durability and maintenance.
Because these solar devices can generate a lot of heat, the reservoir may overheat.To prevent this, hot water must be mixed with water regularly in the roomTemperature (cold water ).This is to keep the temperature in the hot water tank at a safe level.In addition, the location of the appliances must make them less vulnerable to damage from hail or falling branches.
The only drawback of the vacuum tube solar collector is the high price.They are ideal, as mentioned earlier, for places that experience a cold climate, such as the northern states.Where the climate is warm, you can choose the standard tablet collector.The cost of these devices depends on the number of tubes they use.Different manufacturers may offer different prices.
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