solar energy inverter Disadvantages of Solar Energy

by:KEBO      2019-09-09
Evaluate the various drawbacks of solar energy, which will help you understand if this energy is really as effective as expected.
Solar energy is the energy obtained from the sun, which is converted into thermal energy or electrical energy for powering electrical appliances.There is no doubt that solar energy is one of the most promising alternative sources of energy, and it is considered the future of power generation, mainly because it has an obvious advantage over its peers.However, in order to assess the feasibility of using this energy to replace conventional energy, a critical assessment of its strengths and weaknesses is required.
Whether the solar power has more advantages than disadvantages is really established is a question that can only be answered after careful reflection on the two.What's discussed below is some of the drawbacks you may encounter when you try to take advantage of this energy.
The most prominent drawback is the high cost of creating settings for it.The reduction in solar panel costs may put this energy back on track in terms of alternatives to fossil fuels, but the high costs incurred so far are a major obstacle to the actual use of solar energy.In addition to that, you have to invest in batteries to store power, and also invest in a huge area to install solar panels, and the development cost of solar power generation is even higher.
Another limitation of solar energy is its dependence on the weather.Clouds can hinder the amount of sunlight these solar panels receive and affect their efficiency, thus reducing the amount of electricity generated in this way.Even pollution affects photovoltaic cells used in solar panels.Due to excessive exposure to the Sun, the wear and tear of solar panels reduces efficiency and shortens life.
The location of the solar panel is another important attribute of solar power generation.If you live in a sunny area, you can only choose this energy source.You have to place these solar panels in such a way that they can directly or filter the sun all day.The presence of trees and tall buildings in the environment will have a negative impact on power generation.
This may be a surprise for many people, but solar energy also has issues related to environmental pollution.Solar panels made of silicon contain potentially toxic metal elements such as lead and cadmium, which can damage the environment and our health.
While these shortcomings do exist and are quite serious, it is wrong to ignore the possibility that such sources of power are high at any time in the future.R & D teams across countries are working to address these adverse factors.If we are to ensure the smooth sailing of this energy in the future, these problems must be solved as soon as possible.
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