solar energy inverter Assistant Renewable Energy Minister Pat Conroy visits Australian Maritime College

by:KEBO      2019-08-29
Thanks to research and projects, Tasmania state has the opportunity to become a national and world leader in renewable energyxa0At the Australian Maritime Academy (AMC ).
This is the view of opposition assistant minister of renewable energy Pat Conroy, who visited the facility Thursday with Labor MP Rose Hart and Tasman senator Helen Polly.
Conroy said he believes that "with the support of the government," AMC can help North Tower state and the country as a whole benefit from wind, tide and solar projects.
"What they are doing here, combined with the state's natural tidal and wave resources, means they are in a good position to be a clean energy powerhouse," he said .".
However, he said the important job is to ensure that the work done by AMC will create jobs for North Tower state.
Members of Bath rose Hart said the visit coincided with a visit by Federal Defense Minister Christopher Pine, who visited the facility on Wednesday.
"It is a pity that we visited the minister yesterday and he seemed to give us a lecture on Tasmania state and AMC and other organizations, saying:" We are not well organized enough, no defense contracts can be bid-we know this is not the case. ".
Hart said he was concerned about AMC's future after pine announced the construction of a maritime Technical College in Adelaide.
"Why copy what ew has here by setting up another service in Adelaide?"This is to preserve the position of liberals in South Australia," he said .".
Senator Helen Polly, Tasmanian Labor, said that given the views of the two, the news from the Institute of Technology was disappointing.AMC's party support over the past 30 years.
"It will politicize the rescue of South Australia because it will actually destroy [AMC]," she said .".
"It is impossible for the maritime technical college not to try to compete with AMC.
Hart said that while he believed AMC's international reputation would not be compromised by the federal government's "stupid decision", he said he was concerned that the agency's role might be reduced.
"If you transfer resources, not support, the status of the college is likely to be weakened.
After the announcement of the maritime Technical College, Minister Pyne visited AMC on Wednesday and visited the campus at the invitation of the facility.
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