solar and power inverter How to Add Solar Power to a Home

by:KEBO      2019-11-11
Solar panels can provide some or all of the power you need for your home, taking advantage of unlimited and free energy: the sun.Solar installations are also eligible for tax credits and energyEfficiency subsidies that can reduce costs.You can hire a professional installer to install panels on your roof or take on the project yourself.Please consult the local city manager or the construction department for regulations related to solar panels and their installation.Roof loads, lines, obstacles or building extensions, or installation of electrical equipment outside your house or in the yard, may react.If you live in a planned community or in a townhouse/apartment development, any external installation will be restricted.Buy solar photovoltaic panels from green buildingsOr get energy directly from the manufacturer.The panel is equipped with the required support rails, mounting hardware and detailed instructions.Survey your roof and make it clearfacing section;Consider a rod if there is an obstacleInstallation unit rising near the house.Set the panel bracket by finding your raf Sub with the Bolt Finder and connecting the mounts sub to the support raf with the lag bolt.Stainless steel bolts are used.Mark the roof with chalk lines to make sure it is mounted on the straight line.Fix the bracket on the raf using the pilot position.Set the support rails in the desired array into the bracket.Use the bolts attached to the kit to fasten the guide rail.Before installation, check carefully if the rail has any cracks or warping.Place the solar panels on the rails and secure them in the desired array.To improve efficiency, the panel can be mounted at the angle of the plane or bump.Run the electrical pipe from the array to the position on the inside or outside of the house where the inverter will be installed.Order a solar-Power inverter, and installed at home by experienced electricians.The inverter converts the DC power generated by the array into AC power, which is the form that your home electrical system can use and stores any excess power in the battery.The inverter allows you to sell power to the local grid, or to draw power from the grid if necessary.
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