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by:KEBO      2019-10-06
Every time you open the refrigerator door, you will be shocked, which means there is a problem with the refrigerator grounding, or the dry winter air will make your kitchen better.Troubleshoot the refrigerator and solve the problem.While newer refrigerators with advanced features are more likely to hit you than simple or old models, any refrigerator can cause static electricity if it is appropriate.
There are dryers, air and static electricity in winter.If the static electricity in the refrigerator is seasonal, it will help to increase the humidity in the home.If you encounter static electricity during a season with higher humidity, this can be another problem.When static electricity accumulates in clothes, shoes and other materials, a rare shock occurs.They are not too worried.
Refrigerators with computer chips that control ice makers, defrost settings and temperatures are more sensitive to static electricity.If these models are not plugged in correctly, you may experience an impact like static electricity.If the wire in your refrigerator is worn out, causing the wire to come into contact with the metal somewhere, you will be hit with a similar impact.
For seasonal problems, use a humidifier in the kitchen to increase moisture in the air and naturally reduce static electricity.Take precautions, place a metal coin in your pocket before you touch the refrigerator, and touch the coin to get yourself to the ground.You will not be shocked when you are grounded.Synthetic fibers are more sensitive to static electricity, so wear natural fabrics such as wool and cotton to reduce vibration.
Check your refrigerator manual for the type of outlet recommended by the manufacturer.If your fridge needs 3-Prong, ground and polarized sockets, you are not using, which may be the reason.Use the circuit tester to check whether the socket is grounded.Switch to the correct outlet or plug the refrigerator power cord into the surge protector to reduce the electric shock.If you see the wire wear, please replace it to solve your problem.
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