single plug surge protector how to sync your christmas lights to a radio broadcast

by:KEBO      2019-10-06
Creating a light show that syncs with music was once a hightech gadgetry.Modern electronic programming, however, allows the common room owners to create a primary monitor that syncs with local radio stations.With the right device and a little effort you can create a radioOthers can see and enjoy the simultaneous light display.However, be prepared: creating and operating large displays for radio sync can bring expensive electricity bills.
Build your Christmas show.All your Christmas lights must be connected to each other.For large displays, you can use surge protectors to protect your electronics and connect multiple optical wires.
Insert the end of the surge protector or terminal chain into the light control box.This box will sync your Christmas display elements with the music.The light control box must be a music light control box with synchronous programming.
Plug the radio into the "audio input" port of the light control box.The radio should use 1/8-Inch audio connection cable.
Flip the audio switch on the light control box to "audio input ".\ "The audio option should have multiple position switches or switch switches.Switching to the "audio input" setting will program the lights to the radio, not to the music of the light control box itself.
Turn the radio to the station to synchronize the lights.Adjust the radio as accurately as possible for the best sound quality.
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