single plug surge protector 8 data loss statistics every business owner should be aware of

by:KEBO      2019-08-07
Business owners have a lot to do in maintaining and building names for business success.Most small businesses can't afford time when they start a business.Therefore, they must take all precautions when preparing to store data files in the system.Storing data is an important part of modern business.Over the past decade, the use of computers has grown exponentially, increasing demand for higher data security.The loss of data has led to the decline of many companies that do not have ready-made funds to rebound.This article will provide 8 key statistics that every business owner and aspiring business owner should know.The first thing you should know is that losing data can cost the business a lot of money.American companies lose billions of dollars a year because of data loss.According to records, 60% of data loss companies in the United States will be closed within six months.A small and medium-sized enterprise that lacks financial support has a hard time recovering the money they lost in the data disaster.There may be multiple cases of the scope of lost data.Computer failures are common.As PC and laptop sales have grown significantly since 20 years ago, the number of computer failures has also increased.Of all computers sold, 6% will lose data.Another reason for the loss of data by the enterprise is the building fire.The fire will seriously damage the office.The damage caused by the fire may be cosmetics, will close the company for a long time, or the fire may cause a fire because there is no surge protector around the computer plug to remove your server.Due to the accumulated cost, 30% of enterprises with major fire losses closed down.Among those who did recover from 70% of the damage, it actually failed in the next 5 years.These numbers show you the importance of backup and recovery of data and records.As a small business owner, you must take certain precautions yourself.Before saving any data to all backup tapes and discs, make sure to test them.34% of business owners did not test their on-site backup materials and 77% of business owners did not test their materials.Additional precautions can be a measure to protect data security, so keep an eye on what you choose to use as a data backup.If your company makes a lot of money, it may be time to take advantage of an online business backup so that you can access your information as soon as there is a problem.Off-site data backup is also a great tool for growing business.In particular, companies that save information that is not stored in the facility and suffer from fire or lightning strikes.Learning to protect your data will save you money, and in most cases it will save your business from being the victim of a major financial burden.

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