single phase inverter why you should choose a single phase motor with a high ...

by:KEBO      2019-08-19
Single-phase motors are motors that can operate from a cycle power supply.They are usually started using an auxiliary winding, instead of generating a rotating magnetic field, they produce a pulsating magnetic field.When the rotor rotates at a speed different from the synchronous speed, the single-phase motor generates torque.The maximum torque is reached when the forward rotating phaser is exactly at 10% slip difference.High starting torque is ideal in most applications, as it is the most effective option in many cases.Capacitor-For high torque at start-up, starting a single-cycle induction model is a good choice.These single-phase motors use capacitors that are synchronized with the auxiliary winding to start the machine.Once the machine reaches speed, turn off the capacitor with a centrifugal switch.This additional starting power allows the auxiliary winding to be formed in a winding much heavier than normal, and even if the machine supplies power to heavy loads such as air conditioning compressors, high torque will be generated.Capacitor-The operating induction model is another option to provide high starting torque.These machines use two capacitors;A large starting capacitor that provides high starting torque and a smaller starting capacitor that is used during the normal operation of the machine.This ensures that the machine runs efficiently and still provides high speed and power once turned on.Two capacitors are usually used only in larger machines because they require a more complex structure.In contrast, the resistance split induction model provides only medium start-up torque and is therefore limited in suitable applications.These motors use auxiliary windings of smaller size, resulting in lower induction rate and higher resistance.These simple models can only be used when the load is small and there is little need to start the drive.Of course, some applications, such as small fans and grinding machines, do not need to start the motor with large torque, but usually the torque is large when starting, the larger the load that the machine can handle, it will produce machines with many functions and high performance.Single-phase motors with high starting torque are often more expensive than simple separation models, but this difference is worth it in every industrial application.Single-phase motors with high starting torque will provide the performance you need immediately after the machine is put into operation, ensuring that no time or effort is wasted.
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