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by:KEBO      2019-10-06
GFCI represents ground fault circuit breakers, which usually appear in the home in the form of a circuit breaker, located in the circuit breaker box of the home.However, the power outlet can also be GFCIs.Both types make the circuit automatically turn off when there is a short circuit or power surge somewhere in the circuit connected to, so if the user touches the socket during surge/short circuit, they stopped receiving electric shocks.
Each rated current of GFCI circuit breakers is determined based on the number of amps they will allow the circuits they connect to use at any time.For example, a 20 am p circuit breaker only allows the use of 20 am ps or less power.If the appliance is plugged into the circuit and collectively draws more than 20 am ps, the GFCI circuit breaker is automatically turned off (tripped ).
Each GFCI circuit breaker has an on/off switch on the front, which can be turned off manually if work is required on the circuit.The switch also enables the circuit breaker to be reopened after tripping.Each GFCI circuit breaker also has a "test" button, which is turned off when pressed.The switch on/off is then switched to "off" and then "on" to reopen the circuit breaker.This should be done on a regular basis to check if the circuit breaker is working properly.
The circuit breaker has a terminal connection marked "line power supply" and "load neutral", as well as a winding wire connected to the neutral rod of the circuit breaker box.
The specification requires GFCI outlets to be installed in areas with high water use, such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and external areas.These sockets have different sizes depending on the power requirements of the appliance that will be plugged into them.
Each GFCI socket has a test and reset button.Press the test button to turn off the device to ensure that the off (trip) device in GFCI is working properly.Press the reset button to reopen.This quick test should be done at least every six months, or when there may be a problem with the GFCI socket.
The back of each GFCI socket has a terminal connection marking line from the incoming line of the power supply, as well as an output line to the terminal connection marking load of the next outlet in the circuit.
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