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I.The bio-scalar energy and use of the human field personnel known as "therapists" seem to be able to generate spin-oriented bio-scalar energy and magnetic single poles at will.They are able to generate two () and (-) Spin orientation.Instead, they are able to produce biological scalar Geomatics (S) and (N) unipoles from the bottom of the spine and from the lower part of the body.In the center of the body, these are combined together to produce (-) Spin orientation and left-hand (N) pole with () spin orientation.This energy can then be projected onto a sick person to help them re-Alignment of body parts components that are not synchronized with the overall natural body parts configuration of the patient.It seems that many alternative treatments are trying to re-Align the human body field components and then help the body smooth the chaotic physiology and eliminate the toxins and waste accumulated by the body.Diseases caused by toxins and waste are accumulated due to missingThe arrangement of the physical field and the subsequent altered metabolism are the result of the physiology of the initial disorder.So, as every good therapist knows, the first symptom of the onset of the disease is a sign of some form of energy discord in the human body field.Unbalanced human fields eventually lead to metabolic and physiological changes in the body, and then eventually lead to symptoms of the disease according to the discordant field components.In order to correct the physiology of this disorder, people need to re-Align the body field component first and then help the body canceltoxify.This is the goal of all natural drugs, because natural drugs are based on energy and information, so it is not based on biochemistry.The subject of scalar physics is full of political, commercial and scientific disputes,Some say the conspiracy of the government and the company keeps the scalar phenomenon secret because it has both help and harmful potential.Scalar energy is not unique to life form, but a lot of energy can be found here.This seems to be the place where life gets its "free" energy.The concept of scalar energy goes back to James Clark Maxwell (1831-1879).His work shows that if two of the same airwaves gather in exactly the same direction and phase while moving directly to each other, the field component is canceled, the rest is the so-called "scalar energy ".For example, two vertices may cross each other, in which case a larger new vertex appears, which is the product of the energy of the two vertices.Or the peak that moves in one direction can pass through the slot that moves in the other direction;In this case, the two patterns seem to be offset against each other.Usually, the cross-wave mode will not be exactly the same, from the valley to the valley, from the top to the top.As the waveform crosses and reforms, a variety of complex patterns of interference appear.Through the medium.However, sometimes the frequency, wavelength, and the size of the area containing the waves combine to make the cross-wave completely coincide with each other, trough to peak, and 180 degrees collide with each other.The rest is called scalar energy.This energy is usable and can be considered a "free" energy.It seems that this is what life forms can do.This free biological scalar energy can then be directed to biological forms, whether single-cell or biological.The author's theory is that this is done by the lateral component of the body field and is distributed from the horizontal component to the body for use.The direction of the lateral component constitutes a grid that acts as an antenna that interacts with a specific external wavelength in all of the Impact's magnetic and magnetic waves.The grid also ensures that the direction and phase of the wave can produce biological scalar energy.Therefore, the life form will absorb these waves and obtain the biological scalar energy from them.In addition to being able to produce magnetic biological scalar energy with spin orientation, humans can also produce magnetic single poles with pole orientation.The Arctic is designated as () and the Antarctic is designated (-).So the body combines the two together) And () components together as (S-) And (N) biological scalar energy.This means that the universe produces the appropriate wavelength required for the form of life, or more likely, that biological form has developed the ability to use various frequencies in the universe.The generated biological scalar energy is used to maintain the overall gas field, body Field, resistance to Feng Shui pressure sources, etc.This is different from the energy gained from food.Food energy is needed to supply highEnergy-tri-Phosphate bonds, which allow all working processes within the body to perform all necessary biochemical events that are part of being alive in the physical field.Life, however, needs these two energies.II.It seems to me that human beings have energy and at the same time have a complex but understandable physical field.So this part of the article is about the author's understanding of the subject.However, for background purposes, the first thing that will be discussed is the acoustic properties of a closed tube or a string that only connects one end.Please refer to the picture below: the picture above shows the basic wavelength in the first box, and then 3 Harmonics of that basic wavelength in other boxes, which are in ascending order in the tubeThe length of the string determines the basic wavelength of the sound produced by the standing wave.For tubes, it is the total length of the tube that determines the basic wavelength of the tone produced.The intersection of the midline is called a node, and the point of the maximum width of the wave is called-node.The mathematical equation about the end connection string and closed tube is not related to this discussion, only the illustration is related to what will be discussed.Note that the above wave is complete with two complementary halves, only two dimensions (length and width )!If you look at a sine wave from the side, it seems to have only two dimensions of length and ,(-) The height measured from the center line of the waveform.Node andThe node is also referenced from the midline of the wave.There is only one part of the sine wave of the oscilloscope, no mirror image, and no mirror image of the sound wave or sound wave.If we pretend to look at the beam, we can see from the horizontal to the side of the direction of the wave propagation, we can see something, and the Mirror part of it looks like a complete sine wave.However, if we follow the direction of the beam, along the propagation route, observe the direction of the beam;We see that the light really looks like a tube and the waves travel in circles that look like a limit.In fact, the wave travels down in a continuous spiral along the propagation route, and if we look from horizontal to the propagation route, it just happens to look like a sine wave, and if it looks like a circle starts at the end.These guidelines will help you understand future discussions if you keep these simple details in mind.As mentioned earlier, sound waves have two dimensions and a complementary relative part.However, the waves have three axes of transmission, at right angles to each other.The wave consists of the longitudinal and horizontal axes that appear to be center in the direction of wave propagation;Again, all the axes are perpendicular to each other.In addition, one needs to realize that similar waves may not be the same as each other.The phase of the wave is a fraction difference of a complete period, corresponding to the offset of the waveform at any time from the longitudinal displacement of the specified reference point (t = 0 ).Maybe the waves may start at different times, the short delay between the waves, or maybe you have passed a medium that has gradually slowed down the speed of similar waves, now they are "out of phase" because of nodes and-Nodes, peaks, and Valley values do not match exactly.Standing waves are also called standing waves.This wave is called a "standing" wave because it is a wave that is kept in a constant position.This phenomenon may occur due to two different situations.First, the medium moves in the opposite direction of the wave at exactly the same speed as the propagation (as in the fluid ).Second, due to interference between the same waves in the opposite direction of the two, it can appear in a fixed medium (such as in a fluid or in space/time ).So the sum of the two countersWaves that propagate (with equal amplitude and frequency) produce standing waves.When the boundary blocks the further propagation of the wave, thus causing the reflection of the wave, the-Spread waves in the opposite direction.This will cause a standing wave.The so-called "scalar" energy/field will be generated in the case of electromagnets, not standing waves.The two waves with equal amplitude and frequency and just 180 degrees meet each other to offset the vector element, and the rest is called scalar energy/field.In theoretical physics, benchmarking field theory can refer to classical or quantum theory of benchmarking field.The difference in this field is that it is constant under the Lorenzo transform, so it is called "scalar" compared to the vector or tensor field ".The quantum of a quantum scalar field is spin-Zero particles, therefore, are some form of particles (Wikipedia ).About the human field, there are two sources of waves that produce standing waves of our body?Or, if there is only one source, what is the boundary that causes reflection?Is it possible that the opposite motion of some medium matches the motion we pass through "space" and produces a standing wave of our human field?If so, what is this medium?These are very interesting questions, but they are not within the scope of our discussion.Perhaps future research can answer these questions.In any case, the standing wave field that constitutes the human field is like 8 nodes, 7-nodes.Please refer to the discussion in the next title category.In the case of sound waves, it is impossible to separate the flow of energy from the field of abortion.One cannot exist without another.If the characteristic of the wave happens to match the harmonic of their base frequency or of any number of base frequencies, the equilibrium flow resonates (synced) with another wave ).The scalar energy generated from a variety of induction magnetic energy flows seems to be a common expression of the life system.Therefore, biological scalar energy can be directed for use by the body, mainly as an unconscious event.You can learn to use biological scalar energy consciously and pertinently.III.Human Condition. we humans are like above.Mention closed tube chords with only one end connection;The connection point at the bottom of the rope or tube is at our feet.This is where we connect the Earth's magnetic field and the basis of the vertical component of our body's magnetic field.Again, this is our closed tube seat, or the rope is attached to the free end of our head, as before.First of all, the people who describe the human body field are the people of the Indian sub-yoga tradition.continent.People with meditation experience like to describeThey call it the node of the "Chakra.Therefore, the term for the components of the human field will be based on the yoga tradition.Hermes employees are a Western symbol of the tradition.This is a schematic of the two snakes that wrap around a stick with the tail at the bottom and the head at the top of the staff.8 nodes and 7 Anti-harmonics generated by human wave/fieldThe bottom is fixed (connected) at the nodes and at the top of the EarthNodes open to the universe.Like all the energy/field relationships, there are three axes at right angles to each other that form part of the human field.The base connected to the Earth is (-) Connected to the top of the head of the universe relative to the vertical and first axis, ().Yogis refer to Ada, Pingla and sushumana.Ida and pingala are two halves of the opposite on the left and rightAs the node component of the second or horizontal axis component of the overall body radio wave component of the human body field.The third axis is called a lateral assembly with a front and back direction.Sushumna is a relatively small central energy flow tube generated by the combination of the Earth (Earth) node and the Sun (Earth) node, I.e.The overall human field of the foot and head acts as the vertical field axis.This whole field is sometimes described as two staggered pyramids, resulting in a center located in the middle opposite.7 anti-nodenodes.Because of the North, it is described as a pyramid.Due to the horizontal magnetic field component, the Antarctic magnetic field orientation and the main compass point.If we look at the human field and its wave composition, we may see a series of 7 stacked "wheels", which is the meaning of the Sanskrit word "pulse wheel", wheel.This wheel is still reversed.Node has a double left-side spiral and a right-side spiral assembly that moves a considerable distance from sushumna and looks a bit like a vertically compressed oriental lantern, thus being depicted as a wheelClockwise (CW) rotation on the left (-) There is a counter on the rightRotate () clockwise (CCW ().When the left-side and right-The side spin is balanced and you feel like you are in a state of being at the center.The earth anchor node at the foot is where the Earth's energy begins to affect the physical field.These energies move from the Earth to the top of the head and into the universe.The Solar-The anchor node at the top of the head is where the energy of the solar system and the Milky Way begin to affect the physical field and move from the universe to the Earth.This is why in some cultural expressions describing the 2 staggered pyramids, the horizontal components of the human field are described roughly the same, but there is a direction from the back to the front, not from the left or right.The lateral part moves backwards to the previous node, perpendicular to sushumna, except for the Earth node and the Sun node.This means that the human field has an elliptical field component, in a fully balanced state, it is similar to a truncated cone projected forward and backward on each of the 5 intermediate nodes and a truncated cone projected to the earth core at the bottom of the spine and a truncated cone projected to the universe from top of the head.Please refer to the following figure.The truncated cone is a cone, the tip is cut off, so the opening at both ends, like a trumpet, is taken as an example by sound waves.These truncated cones have a tuning frequency according to the center length of the cone at the ideal tip (if the tip is not cut, what is the total length of the center length) to the center of the basic perimeter.In addition, the transverse component also has a bilateral bipolar field element projected vertically to the vertical component, so sushumna of the front and back projection midline of the transverse component on each node.Keep in mind that the lateral component responds to the phenomenon of magnetism, while the lateral component responds to the phenomenon of magnetism.The "wheel" is arranged in 12 left and right circular line segments, measured from the middle line, from 0 degrees to 180 degrees, each side is from front to back.The direction of the impact is through your body, from the back to the front in the direction, with a total of 12 rounds on each side.Twelve CW (-) Segments that extend step by step from the center line on the back and 12 CCW () segments that extend step by step from the back to the opposite side, in a 15-degree arc.These are 12 points.2 sets left-side and right-Main horizontal components on the side.Therefore, each segment of the spiral turn is in an influence arc of 15 degrees, and the time component is determined by the combination of the lateral component and the incremental side component.12 () and (-) According to traditional Chinese medicine, it takes a total of 2 hours for the 15-degree arc wheel to be transported in sections.Therefore, it takes 24 hours for each wheel to be transported.So all 7Nodes are synchronized at the same time as transitions, in () and (-) A collection of left and right spiral components.Health means () and (-) The spiral flow is synchronized and balanced.When the wave becomes the opposite symbol at the next node, this means 12 sub-nodesThe collection needs to be balanced again from left to right.It also means that you are complete and in good health.7 pairs () and (-) Wheel or reverseThe node of the spiral wave is the regulator of the body's energy system.The 12 wheel segments of each wheel are the physical integrators and regulators that the body is already in place.The compartments of the body's tissues and organs, but especially the cells that make up the body's tissues and organs, are integrated into a metabolic whole by this system;see Nutri-Energy system on WwwNutritionCom/for more details.Each individual cell plays a role in serving the entire body.This can be achieved through the transcription of DNA and the translation of RNA, thus creating the necessary proteins for the enzyme function and metabolic pathway of cell metabolism.The timing of this whole process is mainly determined by the electric magnetic flux of the solar system and the reception of the gravitational magnetic flux.Just as the Earth is the source of the energy of the physical field, the solar system is also the source of DNA transcription in the existing physical field.To understand this phenomenon, the analogy of the carrier and the modulation of the carrier will be used.In the case of the human field, the carrier is the harmonic that produces the basic frequency of the 7 th inverseNode or wheel ".This carrier is modulated by background rhythmic solar system flux.It is the rhythm characteristic of this flux that promotes DNA transcription through the modulation of time by carrier.Therefore, the human field is connected to the Earth, but is regulated by stars!The Earth node anchors the human field in the material field, using the basic frequency harmony wave as the carrier of the human field, providing the overall morphological field for the matter in the air, forming the soil and water of the actual body.The timing and clue of directing the body's overall metabolism is the modulation of the solar frequency riding on the carrier.IV.The relationship between the human field and the Earth's magnetic field and the magnetic/gravitational magnetic flux of the solar system the Earth's magnetic field is an overall circular shape.There is an Arctic and an Antarctic.The Earth rotates around the Earth's axis toward where the sun rises, and this direction is designated as the East.The place where the sun sets is designated as the West.In this background environment, the human field is oriented.Sushumna is perpendicular to the core of the Earth, and the Earth node is connected (-) The core of the Earth, and directly affected by the ground magnetic flux of the ground/atmospheric interface (biosphere), as the source energy of the vertical component of the body field.Top solar node and open counterThe nodes are in turn affected by the cycle rhythm of the solar system () and regulate the physiological (metabolic) cycle according to the season.The place where a person is born, growing and developed in the biosphere has a great impact on the integration of 8 nodes and 7 anti-nodesNode and subsequent life form development.This is the basis of what is called the cultural expression of astrology.The rhythmic fluctuations provided by the sun, planets, satellites and asteroids to the biosphere have a profound impact on human development, growth and behavior.As mentioned above, the carrier of the bilateral spiral or horizontal component is modulated by these rhythms and prompted by the actual actionTime events in human physiology and behavior, through stimulating and guiding gene expression from concept to human life.The use of astrographics provides an interesting Global Impact Map for everyone.The ring field component of the Earth's magnetic field is not uniform when moving from the Earth's surface to the universe.Shunmagnetic and antimagnetic components of rock formations, surfaces and SublayersSurface flow of waterThe surface position of organic matter (coal, oil and natural gas) changes the surface magnetic field parameters.These are known to affect human health as they adversely affect sushumna and lateral components, which is called feng shui stress.Field patterns are scattered on the surface of the Earth.Two known as the Hartman grid and the Curry Grid are one of the other modes that people are sensitive to these patterns.Positioning is an ancient form of grid detection.There are no reliable technical methods to detect feng shui stress areas.It's better to sleep, work, live and play in places where there is no break line crossing.Please study this topic for yourself and learn how to take care of your health!Yogis always head towards the North Pole like India does in the northern hemisphere.If you are in the southern hemisphere, sleep with your head toward the South Pole.If you live on the equator, sleep your head east.These directions seem to keep your sushumna and landscape components open and synchronized.The horizontal component of the human body field is related to the north and south poles.In the northern hemisphere, it is better to have a direction. in meditation, the South Pole is behind you and the North Pole is in front of you.S-wave component acts like a single-pole antenna radiating energy from the backto-As mentioned above, the front midline of each node of sushumna moves horizontally from the center line of each node.This component seems to provide a time series that used to be in the back, now in the center (here and now), and the front is the future.Since the transverse assembly moves in spiral form, there must be 12 spiral assembly jumps between 8 nodes in 7nodes.This means that there is a Orientation of spiral components inside sushumna.Sushumna's circle has 12 spiral components, but only 8 jump points and 7 twists.The angle distortion of the spiral is theorized to 180 degrees so that () and (-) Switch at each node.Therefore, when they switch polarity on each node, the direction always maintains a mirror image of each other along the length of sushumna.Then two cylindrical fields are set, each complementing each other in the spin direction, and the left side moves from the rear to the left to the front and returns to the center;Right is the opposite.Therefore, we have a smaller central sushumna closed tube cylinder at the core and 2 larger side open tube cylinders as overlapping revertsThe node at the Sushumna node connected to the core cylinder.Keep in mind that the length of these tubes determines the basic frequency harmony wave of the resonance of these tubes.It seems that the axis of each month has a special health condition with its jade woman.Energy System (www.Nutritioncom/).As mentioned earlier, the longitudinal axis is related to Feng Shui pressure. disharmony is the most common result of insomnia.Non-coordination of the horizontal axis leads to free radical problems, mainly affecting the large intestine, the B-shaped colon and the liver (dealing with waste and toxins ).The disharmony of the horizontal axis leads to the problem of heat generation and distribution, or is called in Chinese medicineBalance of yin and yang.As you can imagine, there are combinations that can lead to different symptoms of the disease.The horizontal axis can easily be interrupted by air transmission, as one rises from 20,000 above the surface of the Earth to 40,000 feet, so it is exposed to solar radiation due to the warming of the atmosphere at these heights.This tends to significantly reduce the ability of the immune system by affecting cell production in white and yellow marrows.Similarly, according to certain nutrients,Energy Systems, kidneys and lungs collect material waves from the following elements: kidneys-Carbon, boron, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, chromium, SC, vanadium, cobalt, chromiumlungs -Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen.This is in line with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, because it is said that the kidneys and lungs are the main system of energy distribution in the human body.Those who meditate have learned to correct discord in their human domain through experience, and to guide biological scalar energy to correct the flow of energy in their physical domain.This is just one of the reasons why meditation was first initiated.Meditation can make you more aware and sensitive to the various causes of the destruction of the human field, but not negatively affected.Consciousness always comes before intention!V.Bio-Physics of Information medicine for those who are not finished in the art of meditation, what method can you re-Align the various components of their physical field?All aspects of alternative medicine are focused on this goal.Homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and natural therapy are all for this task.However, it seems that information medicine plays a role directly in the physical field, not in eliminating waste and toxins and nutritional support as in alternative medical models.Information medicine was used by our ancestors in the past and was incorporated into shamanic practice.Due to the influence of political and religious persecution, modern people have forgotten this knowledge.In any case, go to the hospital if you are involved in an accident!For chronic diseases, however, it is better to use alternative and information medicine!Information medicine enables the body to correct these disharmony and naturally heal itself by making it aware of those parts of the body's field of morphological occurrence in discord.The traditional confrontation therapy is based on biochemistry, and information medicine is based on biphysics.Modern physics tells us that everything is a pure energy phenomenon of interaction, information field and resonance.Now, modern information medicine solves the biological resonance of individuals to the environment provided by geophysical substances and magnetic fields.The timing of the position of the 12 horizontal segments of the horizontal wave helps guide how the information provided by the morphological field is distributed and distorted.As shown in the above discussion, the human field is organized into a composite matrix.This is why it is so important to correct any distortions in the morphological field that help the information channels in quantum space that affect physical space.The studies included in biphysics cover all levels of biological tissue from the molecular scale to the entire biological and ecological system.Biology studies the biological mechanism by which energy flows through living organisms in the Earth's biosphere.Thus, the field of organism display is part of the energy flow in the overall environment of the Earth.Part of biosophics is the study of phenomena related to quantum processes: absorption and resonance phenomena of certain radiation frequencies;The process of converting chemical energy into motion;Magnetic reactions in animals and Brown Motors in many cell processes and so on.Biphysics also actively studies quantum mechanics analysis of magnetic fields, and may reveal the circadian rhythm of the biological system's response to the magnetic flux that hits the Earth.In the above discussion, referring to the circadian rhythm, the importance of the carrier frequency of the magnetic node and the modulation of the solar node on the fundamental frequency harmonious wave have been noted.Quantum processes are not well understood at any level.Information medicine is considered to work at the level of quantum coherent dynamics, not at the physical level of biochemistry.The organism is an incredible matrix of activity, working perfectly from very fast to very slow, from local to whole body, so perfect, so that each activity seems to operate freely and spontaneously as a whole.However, by using only biochemistry, the organism is completely uncontrollable in the mechanical sense.If you try to impose a mechanical restriction, you will make the body sick and eventually kill it, thus damaging the body.Quantum processes produce energy flows, wave functions, and physical phenomena of fields that accompany these flows/functions, and the use of these energies by living organisms.It is these processes of quantum coherent dynamics that have been discovered and studied by many, both trained scientists and interested enthusiasts.Treatment of the body by quantum therapyThink from a quantum level rather than a biochemistry level.This means that from one level, this is not manifested at the level of the physical senses, but dealing with the mind --Physical interaction of sick people.The antitherapy failed because it tried to impose mechanical control and prevented the normal recovery of quantum coherence characteristic of healthy organisms.That's why drugs cause terrible "side effects" including death ".As shown above, our bodies are ultimately in the fields of information, intelligence and energy.Quantum therapy involves changing the field of energy distribution through the use of information, and therefore, in order to correct the idea that blockages have been caused, thereby destroying the natural flow of energy throughout the body domain.Emotional and conceptual intentions play a huge role in the course of the disease.So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness, the mind/emotion, bringing about another mode of consciousness, a change in the physical body.Here, we see that we are not only damaged by feng shui pressure, but also suffering from mental and emotional trauma.Unfortunately, sometimes this discord is the result of differences between individual conscious and unconscious mental/emotional processes.This difference from the inner balance consciousness will eventually lead to disharmony of energy and field, thus directly leading to changes in metabolism, followed by symptoms of diseaseease.Information medicine brings a unique functional vibration resonance to the human body field, which may be coded according to the components of the body field that are out of balance, other parts of the scene formed with the overall form.This functional vibration resonance stimulates the quantum process to readjust the components that need to be coordinated with the morphological field so that all components flow in an appropriate and natural way.This is the role of quantum coherent dynamics in the life system;The production of the physical field and the subsequent intrinsic energy flow, as well as the production of the physical morphological field, produce a blueprint for the accumulation of matter, which is the actual material of the body.Information medicine is the best way to reveal quantum coherent dynamics of human field.The role of socialization, due to the domination of political and religious dogma, the teaching of cultural customs and the process of ideological inclusion all affect the possible disruption of the flow of natural inherent energy through individuals.This is the root of many emotional and mental trauma that plagues everyone.The use of information medicine allows the rebalancing and continuous natural flow of energy and components in the human field.However, only by resonating with the natural energy and field of the Earth and the solar system, each person will be truly complete.The author believes that we people need to take back our bodies and learn how to take care of ourselves by using the natural process!VI.Callahan 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