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by:KEBO      2019-08-23
"Sound therapy improves and changes a range of physical and emotional states.This is particularly effective for those with chronic diseases, allergies and patterns of forced behavior, or who are recovering from trauma and sadness, "said voice therapist and teacher Philip Garnier.Garnier, from Paris, now lives in Woodstock, New York, where he runs the St.'s healing arts center with his wife, cranimoore."Everything is vibrating," Garnier said ."."We all vibrate at our own frequency.Different sounds can release certain vibration energy in crowded places.At the age of 35, carnier left France as the art director of the magazine.He moved to the United States.S.His life has changed dramatically."I live in the New Mexican desert with an Apache tribe," he described ."."I met a medic who taught me different types of rituals.There I began to explore the healing power of sound.These ceremonies tell me that our body is a symphony with different instruments.For example, our organs also vibrate.When something is sick, like a kidney, you can help heal it in a tone."Sound Healing has been clinically proven to support people with stress-related diseases and chronic pain as well as patients receiving cancer treatment.With the expansion and deepening of research in this field, the ancient art of sound therapy is rapidly developing into a new and respected science in the contemporary world.There is now a lot of research on the benefits of ultrasound treatment, including its application in breaking kidney stones and reducing tumors.In addition, voice and audible sound are now considered to have great healing properties.The most important principle of sound therapy can be considered as "resonance", and the term has several meanings.In the context of human physiology, resonance can be described as the frequency of vibration inherent to a particular organ or body system, such as the heart or respiratory system.The inherent frequency of this body is called primary resonance.At the cell level, all cells emit sound frequencies during metabolism.In addition, there is an interaction between the sound of the cell itself and the sound applied by the environment, including sound therapy equipment.In sound therapy, the principle of resonance is used to re-Coordinate cells imprinted with destructive frequency.The imprint of these troubles may be the result of toxic substances, trauma, pathogens, or long-standingLong-term exposure to noise pollution.Sound also acts on cell ion channels, triggering a therapeutic response.Ion channels are located in the cell membrane and are the means by which cells receive nutrients and communicate with adjacent cells.In dysfunctional cells, it is believed that some of these important channels are shut down, causing the cells to fall asleep.In this hypothesis, the sound opens a closed channel that supports the cells to wake up and restore normal functioning and replication.Another key aspect of sound therapy is "cymantics", which is Hans Jenny, a Swiss doctor and natural scientist (1904-1972).Jenny found out that he could use the sound to bring inert powder, paste, and liquid into life.Like, the flow forms found throughout nature, art and architecture reflect the pattern.In addition, all of these modes are created using a simple sine wave vibration (pure tone) within the sound range.The sound creates a vibrant MandalaJust like the pattern in every water molecule in your body, since the body is 75% of water, the effect on your entire system is quite effective.Therefore, we see the physical performance of vibration, how sound is expressed through the medium of various materials."The Word Begins...\ "When looking at these experiments, there is a new meaning!In addition to being a therapist in one --on-A meeting, the Garnier leading group treatment meeting.He hit nine crystal bowls with a suede lint wand and he believed that when he was performing --He is only a conduit to the energy field of the universe."I never knew what I was playing," he said ."."In order to be a link for healing to come through me, I just need to be completely open to love, compassion and healing.\ "The tones of each crystal bowl are tuned to different chakra, connected to the individual at the spiritual, emotional and physical levels.To experience the work of Philip Garnier, learn how to practice the art and science of sound therapy for personal growth, and help others, you can join the 2011 sound therapy retreat phonecia at Menla House, new York (just two hours north of New York City in the beautiful Hudson Valley ).The four-Day workshop to be held on June 25.
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