pure sine inverter 3 reasons why you need an inverter generator

by:KEBO      2019-07-10
The first few years of the 21 st century may be remembered for the rapid development of smart gadgets.Historically, people have relied on machines and tools to create simpler jobs and lives.The industrial revolution has brought mechanization and electrified to the world.At the turn of the century, digital computers became more and more common.Today, millions of people around the world are increasingly dependent on smart devices and innovative electronic devices.
You may not be aware of this, but many of the things we use, such as computers and smartphones, kitchens and household appliances, and even elevators and body scanners, have cutsThe built-in edge microprocessor supports intelligent functions.However, if you are not in the grid, or if you get power from the generator, these smart devices are not compatible with the "dirty" power generated by these systems.They need clean and continuous power supply, which is the advantage of a gasoline Inverter generator.
Inverter generator is a mustAny outdoor enthusiast must keep in touch with the world.But a lot of people still believe that all generators run the same way, and some people think that ordinary gasoline generators are like gasoline Inverter generators.
Both conventional and Inverter generators use fossil fuels such as gasoline and natural gas to run search engines.In traditional generators, the engine drives the AC generator that generates electricity.Regardless of the actual load, the engine should run at a continuous speed of 3600 rpm to obtain the current required for electrical appliances and equipment.If the engine speed changes, the output frequency will also change.The electricity generated by conventional generators is explosive and can damage sensitive electronic equipment.
Like their traditional cousins, the Inverter generator generates an AC power supply, but the current is then converted to DC and then returned to the conventional AC power supply.The result is single.Class, pure sine wave power.The power of the Inverter generator is clean and can be used for complex electronic equipment.
If you are off the grid, you have to use a smartphone and you have to buy an Inverter generator.Here are a few reasons why you should find the Inverter generator.
The Inverter generator generates a pure and clean sine wave power supply and is likely to be used for equipment and electrical appliances with sensitive electronic circuits.It was no big deal 10 or 20 years ago, because the use of microchips was limited to computers and the phone was still in its infancy.Today, the electronics industry is filled with all kinds of smart appliances and gadgets.A microprocessor is built into the refrigerator, camera and even door.
With the Inverter generator, you can supply power to complex electronic devices once power is out.You don't have to worry about the power of "dirty" to ruin your expensive stuff.
Conventional generators operate at a constant speed to generate rated power.For example, if a generator is graded to generate 2000 watts of electricity, the output will be the same 2000 watts regardless of the actual electricity consumption.This rated output is not adjustable, which makes the traditional generator invalid and wasteful.
At the same time, the built-in chip of the Inverter generator can detect the actual electricity consumption.These chips then adjust the output to be consistent with actual consumption, thus reducing gasoline consumption.Inverter generators save a lot of money and will also be more eco-friendly.
We all know that the traditional generator is a very loud machine.Since the microprocessor can slow down the engine according to actual needs, the Inverter generator produces less sound.Some variable frequency generators have powerful sound insulation functions such as silencers and sound insulation shells to reduce the sound generated by them.
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