pulse battery charger Things My Mother Could Have Mentioned - Menopausal Peach Fuzz and More!

by:KEBO      2019-10-24
I became a chin inspector.I admit I'm not ashamed at all.You may have noticed that I was lurking around a group of menopausal women.I will pretend to be interested in the craziest conversation just to see your chinline.Do I see a faint shadow?Is that one or two hairs that are drifting in the breeze?

To my extreme fear, I have begun to grow black chin hair.I thought I 'd solve my problem alone, but it turns out that I'm one of millions of people and we women are silent about it.Of course, there seems to be more advertising products on TV and magazines, but I think these ads are for the rest of my body!
I didn't know until I admitted my secret to a close friend.She has been using a hair remover for years and mentioned this awkwardly.So I decided to bare my soul and leave the pain to others.I will tell you what I have done to fix this and you can take it from there.
First of all, I should tell you that my skin and hair are fairly fair.Also, I eat peaches all the time.The Blur on my face.My hair really didn't bother me.I noticed that there are other human peaches among my friends and I think they look good.It was not until these little black hairs began to grow that I noticed.

Recently, I checked the reason and it seems that as women grow older, there are more male hormones produced in our bodies.Male hormones are usually associated with men, but are also usually produced in women.In women, male hormones are produced by ovarian, adrenaline, and fat cells.

It can also be (please forgive my pun) the root of all these little black hair.
Some women are satisfied with the changes brought about by ageing.Others, like me, hate the whole process and refuse to whimper out.I will always kick and scream!

My first line of defense is tweezers.They work very well when the hair count is small.Pulling hair with a root is effective and lasts a long time.I do need to buy a good pair of tweezers and a lighted enlarged mirror.

: Hide the tweezers.Some kids think they do a good job of digging dirt from their nails, which only destroys the fine precision needed to dig those little demons out!

I didn't use a razor on my face.All I know is that I will start crying.I will see in the mirror that my face is full of men's shaving cream and I will cry.It doesn't matter how beautiful, smooth or pink the razor is.At this stage of our lives, we should not turn to this poor and unintelligible low morale.So I left this part out.Enough said.

At some point I gave up my menopause hormones.The lack of these hormones seems to work on my lawn like fertilizer.I soon have a new harvest every two days.My next test is hot wax.Because I like it better.In the privacy of my home, I read many labels and looked up magazines.
Following the instructions, I applied the wax after making the choice and thoroughly preparing the skin.The instructions do not tell you to close all the windows and doors in the home.I wish they did.My scream echoed in the street!It hurts when you tear those things off your face!
I was surprised to see all the little hairs left on the wax.An hour later, I was surprised to find a terrible rash in my hair.I 've used the oil provided in the kit, but it doesn't help with my sensitive skin.The rash has been around for several days and it is painful.

Is an easier and more painful way!

My skin went shopping as soon as it healed.I asked a beautician this time.She looked very knowledgeable and suggested that I try a very popular, rather expensive depilation cream.It should work if it's expensive, right?Did I mention my skin sensitivity?Only half of the hair came out and the rest was hidden in the red bump that now decorated my face.
I am on strike so far.The list of products is getting longer and my expenses are increasing.I decided to do more intensive searches on the Internet.

Laser hair removal is one of the well-received hair removal methods.After an afternoon of intensive research, I learned that these treatments are very expensive and only successful with dark hair.My peach-Fuzz is getting stronger and I want to get rid of the identification with the fruit family, so this is disappointing.The ads also say that some people have experiencedgrowth.I can't imagine paying all this money just to go through a failure!Laser therapy is not the solution for me.

The next item that appears on my computer screen is the electric tweezers that I have never heard.Obviously, these little gems tear their hair off your face at an amazing rate of 32,000 hair per minute.It's just this idea that makes me shudder.I'm here too-This method can be produced by long hair.The article also includes a very nasty picture of a hair growing inward and the resulting pus.I crossed the Electric tweezers off the list.

I also studied electrolysis.This method of combining a large needle with electricity can cause quite a bit of pain.I have an obvious aversion to needles, and the pain is not my best friend, so I quickly crossed the other way from my list.

After a few days of honest research, it is clear that the most attractive solution for me is no!No!This product removes hair by using a thermodynamic line that transmits mild thermal pulses to the hair.The wire is isolated by a safety device, called the Thermicon tip, and is completely safe.There are two sizes for Thermicon tips, each for specific areas of the body.No!No!Promising to work on hair of any color is safe for sensitive skin.Most importantly, there is a 60-day guarantee!What can I lose?
My No!No!Arrive in time.Two cushion pads, two Thermicon tips of different sizes, cleaning brush and battery charger are included in my kit.The equipment itself is very small (about.4 inch/inch), easy to put in my hand.When the cushion cleans up the dead hair, it will exfoliate and polish your skin.
This product is very easy to use, absolutely no pain!Most importantly, I can use it in the privacy of my own home.The only down-On one side is the smell of burning hair and since there is no need to hide my scream anymore, I can keep the window open and the room fresh.
I use my No!No!Once every three or four days, it's been more than three months now.The hair on my face grew slower, though I removed the peaches now --Fuzz, it does not grow in darker or heavier places.I use my No too!No!Remove the hair under me.And my bikini.Shaving these areas is faster, but hair growth is slowing down, so the benefits are greater than the extra time.
I am not very satisfied with my!No!I took the time to try different products and found the one that suits me.I still hang around a bunch of menopause women a lot, but it's just because they're good friends and I want to pass on my little secrets!
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