prime surge protector Which Utility Reached Its 52-Week High Today?

by:KEBO      2019-11-05
/* */Release the fourth-On Friday, the US electric power company opened a short week with a loud bang for 2012 of its quarterly and full-year earnings.The big write-down is not the surge protector one might expect, as the company's share price jumped out of the door Tuesday morning to hit the new 52-The weekly high of $45.68.This trend continues the upward trend of the recent $40 low.96 back in mid-November.So, why is this growth continuing in the face of reports that revenue fell 92% in the same quarter last year?Because in operation, given that the company is the largest coal company, the company continues to perform wellIn a country with a lot of coal, coal-fired generatorsto-Gas switch for utility space.Enough nonIn addition to the effect of the write-down, cash payments--$0.Exactly $45 per share-AEP surpassed last year's quarter at $0.10 per share.In fact, with the exception of AEP River operations, each department operated by the company exceeded its operating income of 2011 brothers, and AEP River Operations decreased by 82% due to problems beyond its controle., A record 2012 drought affecting river conditions and crop production ).Encouraged by this performance, management felt comfortable raising the spending ratio from 50%60% to 60%-70%, more in line with peers.This must be a welcome signal for investors, as the form of weak demand growth has shown a difficult environment.At present, 65% of Ohio's coal is from AEP's inventory.The power generation capacity of the US electric power company is considered to be the fossil fuel that has been criticized recently.Aware that such a high emphasis on coal could lead to an increase in the cost of complying with unforeseen environmental regulations and put his company at a disadvantage, CEO Nick Akins plans to remove some railcars from his coal orders in the future.He hopes that by 2020, China's dependence on coal will be reduced to about 50%, making the AEP more balanced than it currently is.Until then, it plans to become a major power supplier to the same shale gas producer trying to eliminate coal.The AEP expects shale producers across the Marcellus and Utica shale regions to demand about 100 gigawatts of electricity per month in 2013.According to the company's location, it may be the main beneficiary of the increase in shale gas activity in this way.It has always been committed to using low prices and retiring through coal above 5,400 MW --Power generation capacity for the next three years.Does not include any potential coalto-Gas conversion.These closures helped reduce the projected expenditure on environmental upgrades by more than 2012.From $2020 for the 6 billion period-$8 billion to $4 billion-$5 billion.This cut could prompt management to be confident in deciding to raise the dividend payout rate.Joining the clean energy campaign, these decisions are in line with the goals that most utilities have been actively pursuing over the past year.Look south.By November, the company had substantially reduced its reliance on coal.2012, but this still depends on 47% of the total coal power generation, according to its fourth grade 2012.Quarterly earnings release.Due to this dependence, Southern companies are frantically studying the process of coal gasification technology in an attempt to purify coal-fired power generation.Comparing Southern's portfolio with its two larger competitors, Duke energy and Exelon, it is clear that before they start to think they are providers of clean energy, both AEP and south have a long way to go.Duke Energy is working to keep AEP and south in the lead, eliminating coal up to 6,800 MWand oil-fired units.It is expected that more than half of this total will be offline by the end of 2013.On the other hand, eysloane leads a number of major utility companies in this regard;95% of its portfolio comes from clean energy, most of it from nuclear reactors, and solar energy is an important part of it.The bottom line for AEPAll is that AEP is a positive quarter and a year, but there may be some major changes in the future.Due to the slow or negative growth reported by many peers in 2013, its operational growth was clearly welcomed by the investment community.However, in order to maintain the speed at which competitors buy clean energy campaigns, the AEP may have to allocate a larger portion of future cash flow to capital investments, or take the risk of expenses of the unpredictable EPA.From an outsider's point of view, I want management to hold things in their own hands rather than relying on the mercy of the government.Want to clean up your energy mix?As the country moves towards clean energy, esloane is fully capable of taking advantage of the largest nuclear fleet in North America.Combine this advantage with growing focus on renewable energy, and Exelon's recent merger with placplesexelon, as well as its adjusted dividend on the list of top utilitiesDetermine if eysloane is a good long term.Terms that fit your portfolio, please take a look at the senior research report by Motley Fool on the company.Just click here for immediate access.Simple analysis of data.Push ({event type: "tickerreport pitch", contentByline: "Taylor Muckerman", contentId: "cms.18834 ", title:" New York Stock Exchange: SO, New York Stock Exchange: EXC, New York Stock Exchange: DUK, New York Stock Exchange: AEP"Zhou Gao today?, HasVideo: "False", pitchId: "90", pitchticket: "NYSE: EXC", pitchTitle: "EXC ticket Report "})Articles where the utility reaches 52-Zhou Gao today?Originally appeared on a Muckerman does not have any position in the above stock.The disorganized fool recommended Exxon and the Southern Company.Try out any of our stupid newsletter services free of charge within 30 days.We Fools may not all hold the same view, but we all believe that we will become better investors, given all kinds of opinions.The disorganized fool has a disclosure policy.All rights reserved©1995-Limited liability company of 2013 fools.All rights reserved.The disorganized fool has a disclosure policy.
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