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by:KEBO      2019-08-14
What is the solar panel?
A solar panel or solar module is a man-made panel that, when light shines on a solar panel, uses the properties of certain materials to generate DC power.In these materials, when a photon (light particle) of the Sun or any other light falls on the atom, the electrons of the orbital atom enhance the energy level.This energy is released as electricity when there are suitable conditions.
The power generated by solar cells consisting of materials with this useful property is the power connected to each other to provide a higher voltage or current.The characteristic of electricity when light energy falls on the substrate is called photovoltaic action, so the panel is also the more common asPV panel (module ).What materials are generated by photovoltaic power?
There are a lot of photovoltaic materials on the market now.The typical example is: Regardless of the chemical composition, the PV board is also classified according to the physical structure: What is the solar module array?
DC power generated by solar cells or electrical interconnect solar cell modules, even for low-end work that requires power, such as telephone operation, is almost not enough.On the other hand, a house with a peak demand of 4 kw may need about 34 m² of the PV panel surface area to meet this demand.(This includes about 4% of the power wasted by the Inverter when converting DC to AC ).As a typical multi-Crystal PV panel for the production of 50wp, the size is 0.96m X0.36 m X 0.055 m, many interconnected modules will be required to meet this requirement.This collection of panels is called an array of photovoltaic components.The basic components of solar panel installation the advantages of solar panels as a source of power generation if you care about the environment (you should do this when you face disasters such as BP crude oil leakage in the Gulf of Mexico ), you will realize that the threat of renewable energy is minimal.The truth is that the worst fossil fuel of human civilization has not yet arrived.When this planet is not us at all, we can play as we like.
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